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Where I can find bulk cardboard pre-cut shapes?

I'm looking for a carton is part of a fundraiser when you make a donation and get your name on a form and hang it in a store, etc. blank card preferably red hearts around 4 "x 6", probably an order of several thousand. Would it be cheaper to buy a punch press, and the role of the template? Where is the best place to find something like that? The closest I've found to what I want is http://www.littleextrasdiecuts.com/DieCuts/HeartLg.jpg, but is a bit on the small side. Thanks!

Well, I found this for you. http://findsth.info/83507/cutting-press

Pimp your postcard

When a card is more than a postcard? 99% of cards are sent little ink on paper - nothing fancy, just a simple post (not that there's nothing wrong with that). But a postcard can be much more than just a rectangular piece of cardboard with ink in 4 colors. Consider some ways to modify (or my nephew 15 years said: "Pimp Out") to give a postcard an extra touch.

Scratch - A scratch is exactly as it sounds, to scratch a circle or a square on the map Mailing. Scratch can cover a static piece of information or data variables. It seems a lot of postcards sent by the automotive industry. A scratch is a good idea because the consumer is involved and it gives the value of the card. Please call the actions related to the stripe.

Scratch-N-Sniff - To create interest in your email program, add an element-N-Sniff Scratch your card. If you own a business like a bakery, and then it is obvious that the smell is. But Scratch-N-Sniff is not limited to businesses as a flower or a store candy. A hotel that was near the sea might have that smell or if the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, a coffee smell put on the map. Just use your imagination. And almost everyone who receives the card will give a try (sometimes more than once if it is a smell tall). In addition, your company will agree to the use of such innovative grabber.

Die-cut - There are two ways to use a matrix to modify your card is not cheap, but it did not affect the cost of sending so negative and the other will probably triple its shipping costs. The cheap way your postcard is perforated in a strange size. The most famous example of this was when Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has created a map in the form of an open box of donuts. The response rate for this position has been phenomenal, but the cost has also been phenomenal. The cost of printing your card is more expensive, the cost of courier services is more expensive and the postage is much more expensive .. A cheaper alternative is to use a double-postcard stamp, where half of the card is punched, but folds in half, which is rectangular in shape so that the card still has a finite size rectangular. You can do a lot of interesting things to do this, and during printing will cost more than a regular greeting card, your shipping rates as cheap. WARNING - you must have your design approved by the USPS, so before printing, a specialist in electronic design gives written permission for this card.

Drilling - Of course, drilling is not as "sexy" as other ways to improve card but perhaps one of the most effective. Drilling coupons on your card to get the value of the card. Coupons with different dates on them and make sure make available. This will keep the card in the hands of the consumer and only have a card with coupons you do not need to be redeemed.

Combo - Try mixing with more than one of these additions ... the sky is the limit.

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