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Does anyone have a list of household items essential to start a new home?

We're moving into a new place and will have to start all over. Does anyone have a quick list reference of things we would need so that it becomes easy to go about buying.

Just looking for something already existing as it would become a bit easy.

Major Appliances
* Refrigerator with freezer capacity
* Stove or cooking range
* Microwave (optional)
* Laundry appliances
* Freezer, chest or upright (optional)
* Dishwasher (optional)

Countertop Appliances & Accessories
* Toaster or toaster oven
* Mixer, hand or stand model
* Coffee maker
* Kettle

Cooking Implements
* 12” and 6” size skillets
* Cookware set, or at least 1qt, 2 qt and 4 qt saucepans with covers
* A 4 qt or larger size Dutch oven for roasts and large portions (can also be used for casseroles)
* Stock pot for soups, stews, and sauces
* Steamer pot or insert
* Casserole dish
* Roaster or roasting pan for poultry

Kitchen Utensils & Tools
* Canister set
* Kitchen tool holder
* Spice rack or holder
* Colander - preferably small and large
* 2 rubber or silicone spatulas
* 2 wooden spoons
* Manual can opener (or an electric model)
* Wisk
* Scissors
* Cheese and vegetable grater
* Plastic and/or metal serving and cooking utensils, such as large slotted and regular spoons, soup ladle, potato masher, large meat fork, and stirring paddles
* Flipper, lifter or egg turner
* Knife set including paring, chopping and slicing knives and one with a serrated edge for slicing bread.
* Steak knives
* Cutting boards
* Vegetable cleaning brush and long bottlebrush
* Scouring or pot cleaning pads or brushes
* Potholders, hot pads and oven mitts
* Assortment of dishcloths and tea towels

Tableware & Serving
* Flatware setting for 4 persons or sufficient for members of the household, plus a few extras
* Everyday set of dishes for 4 persons or adjusted accordingly.
* Fruit or dessert dishes
* Glassware assortment, including 4 oz, 6 oz and 8oz glasses
* Small bowls such as cereal bowls if not included in dish set
* Additional coffee or tea mugs
* Salt and pepper set
* Cream and sugar bowl
* Napkin holder
* 2 or 3 serving bowls of various sizes
* Teapot
* Serving platter

* Large and medium size mixing bowls
* Measuring cup and spoons
* Pastry Blender
* Cooking sheet, pie plate and cake pan
* Rolling pin

Floor Care & Cleaning Items
* Vacuum cleaner
* Broom and dustpan
* Floor mop, scrub pail, scrub brush and cleaning rags

Linens & Towels
* Every household requires a minimum amount of towels, facecloths, table and bed linens, sufficient for each member of the family.

Other Essentials
* Emergency Disaster Kit, which includes a flashlight with batteries. What your kit should include may vary depending on your specific area; for suggestions, please see related links.
* Smoke detector and other safety products. Every household should have at least one smoke detector, but your local authorities can confirm what is either, required by law or recommended for your specific area.
* Stepladder or stepstool
* Supply of electrical fuses (if applicable), and light bulbs
* Waste containers such as kitchen garbage receptacle and wastebaskets for bathroom, bedrooms, and laundry area, and bins for recycling.
* Laundry basket and hamper for soiled laundry
* Small supply of plastic food storage containers and bags
* A few clothes hangers
* All purpose cookbook
* Iron and ironing board with cover
* Bathroom items such as drain plug, toilet brush, soap dispenser and shower curtain
* Table or floor fan to promote air circulation and cooling.
* Other cooling and heating appliances required for your specific climate and needs.

The Art of Knitting

Knitting is a creative work of art. It is a method of interlocking a series of loops of yarn or thread to construct a fabric. Beautiful patterns can be used for knitting fashionable and beautiful clothings, in various colors and styles.

Knitting is certainly fun, if you try your hand at it.

The origin of knitting activity can be traced back to the 4th or 5th century BC. From the court of King Henry VII to Charles I, knitted patterns were quite popular. Royal knitters spinned the rare knitting patterns for the kings, and the Queens to be worn on the special occasions. From the courts of king, knitted clothes reached the common people soon. In fact knitting has largely been the occupation of the shepherds in the past.

Traditionally, knitting has been done by hand, but it can also be done with the help of modern machines now. In fact hand knitting is a popular pass time activity in many parts of the world. Especially girls in Asian and African countries cherish this art from their childhood to create beautiful clothes such as sweaters, socks, hats and scarves. They also put their hand to creating pretty household items as well.

You can learn the art with the help of free knitting patterns available online as well as in many knitting stores. Materials like plastic strips, ribbon, rope and wire can also be knitted, to create jewelry, bags, art works, bowls and other household items. The range of knitted patterns is never ending. After all, it is all about the knitter's creativity.

If you are looking for really interesting free knitting patterns, the internet is the right place. There are numerous free knitting patterns available in the market as well. For making a search on global patterns you must go online. There are several web-sites offering free knitting patterns. Various artistic designs and quality tips on free knitting patterns are also available there. A few easy knitting patterns and instructions from the net would prove to be beneficial for you.

You can find free knitting patterns for adults, children as well as toddlers. A wide range of clothing, accessories and household items can be made out of knitting art.

There are hundreds of free knitting patterns for adult clothing patterns such as adult sweaters and socks available on the net. Free knitting patterns for interesting motifs are also quite popular among the young girls for beautifying their most basic clothings such as Tees and skirts.

Knitting for babies is done on a wide scale, world wide. Free baby knitting patterns provide ideas and instructions to create really cute patterns. Free patterns can be viewed on baby pullovers, socks, and slippers on the net.

Various free knitting patterns are available for making pretty ponchos. Ponchos have made a comeback this season and knitted ponchos are widely preferred by modern women now. A few popular patterns include mesh-work pattern and open work patterns.

Double rib child's hat, paneled pigtail hat, skater boy hat and ear flap hat are among the popular categories of knitted hats.

Knitted purses and bags are also in vogue. Club bags, pouch bags, cell phone cases and evening bags are on offer as knitted purses and bags. If one wants to knit a beautiful bag with clear knitting instructions, free knitting websites are the right place to find inspiration.

Scarves are a great place to start if you are new to knitting as a hobby. Free knitting patterns on scarves are available as ribbed scarf, checks and eyelets scarf, hooded scarf, reversible scarf and much more. Knitting a scarf is generally easier than knitting sweaters, socks or ponchos and a good place to start for a beginner knitter.

Free knitting patterns can also be used for making hot pads, dishcloths, kitchen towels and face cloths.

The range is never-ending. You just need to carry out an extensive search for interesting free knitting patterns that take your fancy. Knitted clothes and materials definitely add a classy style statement to your wardrobe.

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