Disney Cartridge Dreams

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Can someone explain these creepypastas for me?

I'd look em up myself but I can't take pictures or creepy visuals of any kind and I'm bound to run into one....

1. Smile dog
2. That link from the corrupted majoras mask... Maybe BENS link or something like that
3. Something with Mickey mouse

1. Smile.jpg was a picture that cursed anyone who saw it. People would see it in their dreams every-night until they "spread the word" by sending/showing the picture to someone else. A lot of people who saw the picture eventually went crazy and killed themselves. The picture that's usually considered to be "smile dog" or "smile.jpg" (the red-ish one) is actually a fake.

2. A guy (going by the username "jadusable") got a free Majora's Mask cartridge from a creepy old guy at a garage sale. The game turned out to be haunted by a boy named BEN who drowned. There were gameplay videos uploaded as proof of what happened. Eventually, BEN took control of Jadusable's life and was haunting his dreams/ screwing with his computer.

3. Apparently, there is this creepy video called suicidemouse.avi that was an unreleased disney cartoon from the 40's.


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