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How I can create a Disney character murder mystery party or where I can find one?

I am a teenager and I want my party birhday being a murder mystery with Disney characters like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, etc, but I can not find all the places that sell them and do not know how to create one. If you know someone or place that you do, please post! I want to be killed as a surprise to me too, not just the guests. Thanks!

Captain Crunch You must be murdered. Thus, one can suspect a murderer cereal.

Disney wedding invitations ... and they lived happily ever after

As a child, perhaps dreaming of having a perfect marriage, after watching Disney movies like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. "I'm going to marry my own Prince Charming", sound familiar? And he was there to fantasize at a ceremony impeccable wearing his wedding dress along with her prince charming and beautiful to him all the Disney characters as guests marriage ... Fascinating! However, as we grow tend to be more serious in our lives and forget those moments.

With invitations Wedding Disney can relive wonderful memories like that and a very happy, pleasant mood for your wedding. These invitations are always very happy and many people appreciate. Think about it, who hates Mickey Mouse or Cinderella? Nobody! This is why having your friends in your invitations is never a bad Disney choice. These cards feature characters such as:

• Mickey Mouse
• Minnie Mouse
• Cinderella
• Prince Charming

A beautiful Cinderella wedding invitation would be their role in glass of his car ready to take the fantasy wedding you've always dreamed of. A Mickey and Minnie Invitations marriage could have both looked at each other with the essence of love in the air surrounded by magnificent red hearts or stars.

With all that said you can feel a little overwhelmed and lost in deciding that the invitation is good for you. Do not worry much, but because you can choose the perfect invitation and be sure it was the right decision, no doubt, very easily. As long as your choice speaks for you, you're OK.

Huh? Speak for yourself?

What I mean by saying that? Not Choose a wedding invitation because it is very good and bright. You need to identify their clients with an invitation to send. You want them to say: "Oh, look! Is Cinderella and Prince Charming, who is also Rebecca ... "Once they have said, you know the wedding invitations will last in memory for years to come.

And if they do not say it did not matter, because you know that wedding invitations are special to you, and offer the same emotion and excitement is felt their guests. You were happy to attend your ceremony and to congratulate the beautiful bride!

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Rebecca Foster is an expert in wedding invitations. Come and get the finest and most creative tips for your best wedding invitations


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