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What is the number 1 and number 2 indicates that the collection of Disney Pixar Cars?

collection and the search for Pixar Cars Full list Disney. but do not understand what the number 1 and number 2 means. can someone explain?

Series 1 Series 2 and simply means that group they belong in.

John Ratzenberger is an actor famous for his role as a factor named Cliff Claven Cheers in 1980. This was the place of their lines an actor to be the kind of know-it-all guy with an ego inflated.

Ratzenberger has a unique voice and Pixar has found himself and his kind of lucky. Crean a character voice for him if you have not been integrated into the story at this time.

Of all the roles of Pixar Ratzenberger come to play, which is their favorite is the PT Flea Circus brash emcee errors. John likes this character because he is so cutting edge and unpredictable.

What are the other characters he plays in movies Pixar? Let's go in the list and find out.

Toy Story, Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and 3 (available in June 2010): Pixar's John Ratzenberger's role in the movie Toy Story is Hamm the piggy bank. Hamm is the friend of Mr. Potato Head and do well with his sardonic humor. Hamm is a bit pessimistic and likes to take pictures of their partners toy boat, the frequency jumps to erroneous conclusions about them too quickly.

A Bug's Life: In the second film from Pixar, as mentioned, the role was that of PT Ratzenberger Flea, the master of ceremonies for the troupe of circus bugs. He is greedy, demanding and obsessed with money. Being a mistake irritable now dismissed after failing the "Flaming Death" performance.

Monster's Inc.: In 2001, John Ratzenberger role in Monsters Inc for The Abominable Snowman, a monster who had been banished from Monstropolis long ago. Mike and Sulley have also been expelled when discovered Henry Waternoose program and were sent into the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, where they met Mr. abominable. Budding and scary at first, quickly welcomed the two with "Welcome to the Himalayas" and it is a creature warm, friendly. Personally, my favorite character is in Ratzenberger voice!

Finding Nemo: The role John plays in this film is unique, not a single character, but a school of fish moon. Marlin and Dory cross the way to school crappie, seeking a way to get to Sydney, Australia. Bluegill swim together with remarkable accuracy and can take pictures of forms like an octopus and the Sydney Opera House. Marlin mocking their way and pass his lips as he explains something to Peter, who is upset. Ultimately, moon fish an arrow Bright flashes, indicating the way to the East Australian Current, the direct route to Sydney.

The Incredibles: Stay until the end of The Incredibles, because children John Ratzenberger paper does not occur until the letter of the end of the film. After Parr family (the Incredibles) and the defeat of Syndrome Omnidroid they think they are back to normal life routine. As the family leaves the index case Dash just finished a nasty called The Underminer breaks the surface parking in a huge drilling machine. It's a monster mole declares war peace and happiness. The Incredibles family put on their masks, ready to face the challenge of beating a guy bad news.

Car: Great, and just the sympathetic role in this film is Razenberger Pixar Mack, 1985 Mack Semi-carrier that operates the red and white cap Rust-Eze and pull the fantasy, the state the art of packing Lightning McQueen. While the rest of the crew leave McQueen to be as arrogant and unpleasant, Mack sticks by him. Mack McQueen unit, after a night requires to reach Los Angeles for the playoff in the Piston Cup. Mack could barely so stay awake, and finally falls asleep, when a band of tram driver set to beautiful music. It is when you open the door of the trailer and began the story of Lightning McQueen.

Ratatouille: Ratatouille Ratzenberger's role is in a restaurant full of colorful characters. Play Mustafa, the head of water Gusteau in Paris, France. Mustafa is a portly man mustache. It's great to receive orders, but only if they are outside menu. When the food critic Anton Ego fears Mustafa said ironically "I use new perspectives," the boy is like a deer caught in headlights, paralyzed by fear and confusion. What do you mean, he wondered.

WALL-E: John John plays in WALL-E. John is one of the passengers aboard the Axiom Starliner lost in his own world with holographic screens and a sedentary lifestyle. Robots expect him every moment of the day in the film of John WALL-E errors for a drink-bot and fell off his chair. That "wakes up" and he presented the little robot John. More Later, John meets Mary, a fellow passenger who has awakened him from oblivion. Together, we are EVE and WALL-E dancing outside the space, then make another, feeling an attraction. They help each other save babies with attempts to take over the ship's car and John shows qualities of a real leadership.

Up: Ratzenberger in this Pixar film is Tom, a construction worker on the site around your house Carl Fredricksen. John refers to Tom because he used to frame a house before his career in various shows. Tom is good for the old Carl, and made an offer for the house on behalf of his boss. But his answer is met with a face full Wind, Carl points on his leaf blower. Carl then took the megaphone Tom and insults his boss, the urgency is that Tom cries with him. Poor Tom!

These are functions that Pixar John Ratzenberger played up present. I hope that Pixar continues this tradition with fun traditions of many others in their animated films. The characters and roles Mr. Ratzenberger will play in the future of cinema will be fun to watch while we sat in the theater surrounded by a great history of Pixar.

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