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Probability algebra problem before?

I really need help because my teacher did not explain what has and duty to do that. Please explain! You are in a game. There is one side to the left and right at the chessboard. The left side has 6 / 9, the words and Mickey 3 / 9 word Disney. The right side has 8 / 9 words of mice and 1 / 9 of the word land. The games are Mickey Mouse and Disney Land. If you receive once a Mickey Mouse, you get a shirt. If you get it twice, you get a stereo. If you get one and a Mickey Mouse Disney Land after receiving a trip to Disneyland. If you get no results, you get nothing. What is the probability of getting a shirt? A stereo? A trip to Disneyland? Nothing at all? There are 9 cards on each side, so that's what the fraction is. Cards have the words in them. Please reply. If I do not understand, I have to stay after school an hour to do.

What? What meaning have 6 / 9, the words of Mickey? Edit: The probability of Mickey Mouse (6 / 9) * (8 / 9). The probability of two times is Mickey Mouse (6 / 9) * (8 / 9) * (6 / 9) * (8 / 9). The opportunity to Mickey Mouse, Disney Land is then (6 / 9) * (8 / 9) * (3 / 9) * (1 / 9). If you have only one test, the possibility not being a party (6 / 9) * (1 / 9) + (3 / 9) * (8 / 9).

Disney stations â € "Planning Tips

For anyone planning a trip to Disney World, it is essential that you know and includes € â € œseasons.â As with the rest of the world, we have four distinct seasons, but seasons are not based Disney climate. Instead, based on statistics of holidaymakers € ™ habits and average attendance in the theme parks.

The Four Seasons are:
â € ¢ Low Season
â € ¢ Regular Season
â € ¢ High Season
â € ¢ Season Parties
Time is the key to a pleasant stay in Disney. Assist in the season means that spending too much time in long queues and pay much money for everything. Consider each season and then plan accordingly.

Value Season

Season of value can be divided into three blocks of time:
â € ¢ 1 January to mid February
â € ¢ All September until the first week of October
â € ¢ Thanksgiving Sunday in mid-December
The best of the three is the weekend after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas.
Attendance is the lowest value during the season because of school schedules and the rigors of winter. Hotel rates will be lower and better rates are available on Disney any time of year. Note also that fewer people, you spend less time in lines, and have more time to enjoy quality parks.
Winter in Central Florida can be hot or freezing â € "sometimes in just a few hours intervals. Be prepared.

Regular Season

What do we know that the regular season is divided into two blocks:
â € ¢ mid-April to August
â € ¢ Thanksgiving Saturday in October
Summer is often the only time a family can plan Disney World Vacation. If thatâ € ™ s true in case the first two weeks of June and the last half of August will be the best option.
In summer, the crowd not only important, but the hot days and afternoon showers that seem to be angry like clockwork. A word of warning: if you have preschoolers or babies, to avoid the summer if possible.

High season

Spring Break dictates when Disney High Season € ™ s and occupies a block of time:
â € ¢ mid February to mid-April
Although spring break draws incredible crowds (such as Spring Event Chair € ™ s Day week, Mardi Gras, and Easter) week in early April usually have the presence of light. Mars is typical for spring break. Factor in planning these events previa.

Season Holiday

This holiday season means Magic in the Magic Kingdom with special decorations, entertainment and activities. Is necessary in one block of time:
â € ¢ mid-December to 31 December
Many families have Christmas morning at Disney World in a familiar tradition. This, However, long before the planning of most hotels fill up quickly â € "both in situ and externally, and must be few, if any, bargains. If the magic of Christmas is what youâ € ™ re looking for, visit during the season after the value Thanksgiving. The impressive decorations are all in place, but the crowd and the prices are much lower.

Trade offs

As with Are there any advantages and disadvantages in the choice of off-season. The first is lower. In autumn, the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and MGM may close at 5 o'clock. The night parade at Magic Kingdom may be made only on weekends.
Rehabilitation of attractions takes place during the season and may close. Again, itâ € ™ SA compromise. Check ahead and see if the closures have a plan. Shaves even about one third of the waiting time in lines which means youâ € ™ ll have more time to visit more attractions. While some are closed, so what?


Contrary to popular belief, the weekends are often the slowest days, because many people travel to and from the end of Disney World week. This means that Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days. (The only exception to this rule Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and River Country, because they are popular among the people attending the weekend.)

Business hours

Hours of work can be hard to keep Disney World database opening and closing of the crowd. If crowds are expected strong, open early and close late. If the crowds are lighter, the reverse is true.
A basic rule is during the summer and holiday theme parks are open later â € "sometimes until 11 or midnight. In winter, the park closes at about 6 or 7 hours.
On certain days, Disney Magic Kingdom opens early for people living in a Disney hotel. If waiting for more crowds than usual, which may open the parks around the world from 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled time. The key is always to arrive early.
Of course, thatâ € ™ sa rule that everyone knows â € "but the truth is that most Donâ ™ t € do. To truly maximize early arrival time and which may be held at the end of the main street, while tens of thousands more are still crawling I-4.
Agreement into account â € € œseasons plan by Disney, will ensure that your vacation to Disney World will be a dream vacation. This is a nightmare.

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