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I lost a lot of my embroidery child?

I had a great pattern counted cross stitch for Christmas and I just started to do it again, and realized I lost one of the beams of color! 13,241 is a code yellow. Do you think you could find in stores? I looked on the package and say nothing about if you miss the thread and I'm not about to order online from anywhere. What color code would be in DMC?

Dimensions no.13241 It is an issue but equivalent in 3722 is that DMC is a brown color pink! Your best bet is a two options: go to / stitchingtools / conversionchart.asp and see lists of kits conversion for different manufacturers (you need to know who made your computer). Or, please contact the kit manufacturer for replacement cables. Manufacturers such as large kit, Bucilla, Janlynn, are generally quite well in sending more.

A guide to developing an apron

Aprons are fun, but takes the bodice of a dress made of porcelain is an adventure that leads joy. But you're going to start thinking about design.

How to choose the design on his shirt:

In the first row, you have to sew design websites in the 799 DMC. The sewing process is the point of cable, which teamed up to produce models that resemble twisted ropes.

The second quarter and seam waves baby needs around the line of wave other 1 / 2 followed by another 1 3 / 4 babies in another 1 / 2 lines that should form the shape of a diamond with an extra line to 1 1 / 4. The following line should be about two waves 1/2-baby another 1 / 2 line and continue to the next line in three waves moving in 1/4-baby 1 / 2 of another diamond and a line 2 3 / 4. Comes with a cable 4-point lines.

Then be collected on top of your dress shoulder seams in back and front yoke and full of seams, the seams and pressing the cross on the bodice and back fold line. If you want an easy installation of his boss in the neck, you must cut the pipeline. Then start sewing your hose other side of the collar and the edges of the untreated.

Tip: Use wax paper and place it under the sewing collars easily follow.

Once pipes and neck in front of his neck, side pips up by the right side and use the points to complete the following lines. Then cut seams, then cut the neck. Press the seams once you turn right. You want to mark the center front yoke and make a line, marked in a manner that corresponds to back of your bra. Pin the neck to be placed in the neck and join the front center. Once you set your region, start sewing the garment edges and around the neck to the middle of the back, while leaving the Liberal Front.


Bring forehead to the other party and to join to collect with shoulder seams and center front. Now sewing on the edge of the garment around the neck and the same thing you did in the previous section. Cut & Press after leading the garment in the right corner. Now, no glitches in the whole region and the yoke on the front of the seam. The front must be liberal. The region has lost before it is ready for you to complete.

To complement the gown, you will need materials. You have 28 inches of light, easy tone fabric, soft fabric made of linen or cotton smooth. You must choose a small nugget, a little long, narrow buttons, thread embroidery cotton embroidery size 50, and so on. Once you have the hardware to make your template and cut two front yoke, double back yoke, sleeves, belts, necklaces, (4) rear waist line, ring, and the front 1 and the posterior segment of the pants sometimes. Then, spray starch and use your f

Abric. To connect the seeds of Use zipper foot or nugget.

You must finish her dress from her plate, the front and installation of the dress to the yoke forward. Once the yoke is fitted yokes can join and keep the seeds near the first row you have to weave your point of drawing on the CD at 799 and finish design.

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