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focal seizures or partial pit bull / rottweiler?

My son is 2 years old dog Cross is having very small (crisis?). Usually occur at night. Throw a fast and small head movements. This takes about 20 seconds and is very sensitive during this period and will reach him when he called. He had been in the Mediterranean before, but after 2 weeks, attacks have not changed. It is a bit high white blood cell count. Does anyone have answers?? PLEASE HELP! He made an appointment with a neurologist on Wednesday. I just feel better if someone could tell me what they experienced was similar. For me, it does not look like an attack, but the inner ear and dizziness.

I'm sorry that the dog is not Lil do it right! I am relieved to know that you will see a neurologist because they are specialists choice when it comes to brain.Vestibular elusive disease is a possibility, but usually occurs in older animals or diseases of the ear dogs occurs more internal infections.Vestibular also with a head tilt, abnormal behavior or indirect and nystagmus (irregular movement Seizures eye) may be mild to lose contol of all bodily functions. It seems that if your pet is to have focal seizures that are less scary to happen. That is a neurologist may recommend MRI and CSF culture. If you can afford these procedures produce many results that can aid your doctor for a definitive diagnosis. With increased WBC cerebal spine (CSF) culture would be useful to rule out the disease process. These procedures are very expensive. In thousands of dollars rather spent if you can not afford the cost. If MRI or CSF is to reach the blood and the use of other anticonvulsant drugs may be successful. The addition potassium bromide Current therapy may be an option. There are many anticonvulsants that can be used safely in dogs. Are my wishes, your dog you have any questions well.If about treatment or doctor's visit, please email me I have worked with neurologists veterinary practice.

You canâ € ™ t run with the big dogs if you stay in the tent: the story of a coach to get a seat on the Executive Board (Part 1)

Like many of us, Hummel-Krallinger Teresa wanted to be a member of its executive team size companies, Teresa took a job in a department of education recently created directed by Jim Yoakum, a vice-president of the company.  Having successfully completed a space training company in recent years, Teresa left a recent restructuring of the need to work â € "and € Jima ™ s new department has a vacancy for a trainer. Through the grapevine, he heard Jim has a negative opinion of training. Although reluctant, he accepts the request for a role in colleague. Thus began Theresaâ Lâ € ™ trip must be regarded as a leader and get a seat at the executive table!

Ultimately, only Teresa and Jim gave a turn their views on training. He eventually became a champion training and its place in the executive table. Teresa and Jim wanted to share this very personal experience and beneficial to you, how a coach can become an entrepreneur to get a seat at the executive table. A (note: This experience is part of a coach, the principles or lessons learned can be applied to all professions.) liena  € ™ s how:

Early expectations for this new assignment

Teresa knew would be difficult or impossible to reach his arms around the needs of this new department. She was the only training (often called by other departments for training as a â € € dinghies œrogue) in a department nine locations throughout New country. people were recruited who had diverse backgrounds and experience in auditing or verification operations. insurance with the background necessary to learn more about the company â € "and those with business knowledge necessary to learn Teresa fundamentals. audit was planned so that all current and almost immediately. For several months, people are just treading water.

Another challenge Jim. Teresa was increased credibility with Jim was an up-to-eat "- move quickly through the ranks as that respected leader known for his quick decisions and the ability to obtain results. His philosophy was a bit like the Nike slogan "Just Do It!"  He did not spend much time studying, planning, planning, analyzing. often felt that he knew exactly what I need, and would be one that gives the orders. had much to do and things to do. . . NOW.

In his first true at a meeting, Jim Nâ € ™ t turn around bush. made it clear he had little respect for education or human resources function in general had recruited to train people Teresa â € | calling for training, What was your job to do that's nothing more and nothing less â € "Train only. Teresa, however, wanted to conduct a thorough needs assessment, building a competency model, and work with people to create their own professional development plans. But Jim said, â € OENO!  A plan for a 5 day conference and training trained to obtain all â € "and do so when the next € 2 months.â

Teresa has had to resort to begging as main character in Oliver Twist, â € œPlease, sir, I can have a little more? â € she insisted on one that, for Jim to carry its goals, you really establish a baseline before people with a shower size fits all training. Teresa has led to down, Jim finally complained, â € œOh, I donâ € ™ t matter what you do â € "only offer 5 days training conference! â €

So now, as a machine for training a person, Teresa began to make a full needs assessment scale building a competency model, conducting 60 one-on-one interviews with the development plans --- and, oh yeah, planning a 5-day conference!

Jima € ™ s Training Vista

It is probably fair to say that € Jima ™ s point of view of training and negative. had a positive experience with limited technical training, its very bad experiences with training soft skills have led to a very unfavorable view of training. Jim was willing to conduct a training program for his department was a € € œnewâ and most employees were crying training. But he wanted to make a minimum expenditure of resources and expeditiously so that can continue the real work of society.

Why so negative for?

After Having worked in a highly technical (corporate tax law and accounting) for the first 15 years of Jima € ™ s career Most of his presentation was training. techniques while understanding the need for it, training itself was essentially boring. it was generally taught by technicians or experts in the field. They tend to have formal training in speech or presentation, therefore most exposed to potential participants stayed five minutes.  I have written documents and to study at their own place time.a Seize € ™ t much greater emphasis on face to face interaction of a training program.  As Jim entered the management, was presented soft skills training and still had experiences. more negative, whereas they are generally taught by expert training (and therefore not are not as annoying) were â € â € œan poss. Jim went to training programs and never heard from him again € "there is no monitoring, the consequences or results always seemed training. that training is only someone could check a box that training was completed. Finally, CBT has emerged and often seemed as if it was only a means to verify bottom line is that Jim sees box. training at best - a necessary evil worse - a big waste of time.

Teresa plans overcome Jima € ™ s negative comments

Teresa found Jima € ™ s current views on training, certainly lives to its reputation. knew I had a great obstacle to it.   What saved it was it was a great ego. guided by the ego, without a doubt been possible for another job!   Instead, their attention is focused on making Jim look good and get your new apartment in track. She did not think at this point to get a seat at the table.

Although seem rather simple, focusing for Jim to look good and get the members of the service they need - and was forced to grant things. individual meetings, Although many long and exhausting, has:

  • Gather information on training needs
  • Identify the skills management professionals basic risk
  • Help people to develop individualized plans for development (PID)
  • Building relationships and credibility with everyone in the department

Teresa used information from individual meetings to create a model Preliminary skills Department â € "and built around the conference themes of competencies. Because she had a link each person before the conference, which had a good sense of what was in his mind and what their expectations were also more willing to help were.Â, and the discussion, felt his best interests at heart.

Teresa needs a win in the short term to achieve results. Conference long-term 5 days of training was the key to getting credibility. As climbing - results that would be exciting. . . but a slip, and everything would over. Fortunately, the conference was a success!

How great victory!

It turned out that the conference was a success, Teresa, Jim, and team. has the perfect blend of education, business issues, discussion groups, and motivation. With this short-term victory, Theresa finally had Jima € ™ s attention â € "and now you focus on a œGetting € A seat at the table.  € To do this, he was really involved in the affairs of department. had to win not only Jim, but all good direct benefit, a crowd too difficult!

Since Theresaâ € ™ s perseverance and the requirement â € the € boxA œcheck management, Jim had agreed to another training program. He concluded that the program was different than anything he had lived in the past.  first session of each course was conceived as part of a continuum process. Second, each Session objectives were measured and used to determine the success and impact. Thirdly, we followed all the programs. measured program see who was having the desired impact on the daily work and discussion on what happened to all the management meetings.  In short: its operation and the evidence that was there.

What happened next?

People IDPs have been a feather in Theresaâ € ™ s Ch. The companyâ € ™ s human resource function has decided to expel persons displaced within the entire organization year. Jima ™ € s new department Fortunately, before pushing too curve. responsibility for development at the individual level, supported by senior management â € "which had hitherto been considered among decided that asks what kind of training.

Theresaâ € ™ s work with senior managers of human resources, communications, and staff to develop and implement comprehensive œpeople strategiesâ € â € to ensure the achievement of business objectives € ™ s organization was more key. was considered â € € € œtrainingâ â "but rather as a problem and, solver. € ™ s what has given way to the table.

Jim tells the story this way: â € a OEI went to a meeting of senior human resources and received instructions for displaced persons in our staff. everything I could proudly announce that had already and were quite using time. I left that one looks real Leaders meeting €.  This clearly raised Theresaâ € ™ s credibility with Jim and all positive results of all their efforts, she was winning a seat the table. Ultimately, the results of the training is built on the general objectives of the company, and possibly employeesâ € Solo ™ objectives. Finally, the impact of the training conference has been in business and the attitudes of the reaction has been positive staff. daily improved. very positive performance and firm as a result, Jim was more willing to listen as a partner, not just  She had a trainer. come to the table!

Why Teresa earned a seat on the Board

Thereâ € ™ sa big factor that separates Whoa € ™ s â € € œjust a vagrant that of a convenience store, a business partner.  It comes down to results. Teresa has been a deliverer of results, not a liberator of the activity.  When you work with Jim and their leaders must ensure that every effort would investment. performance was sometimes measured - Improve results opinion survey of employees, improving productivity, better selection and other times it did not matter retention. ⠀ "less complaining, better morale, better team work.A cross-site, but nothing could be done simply because to do â €" â € œcheck or just outside their say boxA € theyâ € ™ d it. To be credible, we must have had a impact. All that Teresa had to respond to a business objective, to solve a business problem and the progress of the organization.

Nothing of this would have been possible without Jim was on board.  His leadership is essential.  In the end, the higher rate per gallon must be a Jim has been training advocate. € ™ s one of the main sponsors € "often kick off with workshops œexecutive € € A or sending greeting notes before / after the meetings to express their support for initiatives does not training. teeth more than having Executives really support the effort.

Teresa recalls Jim started a workshop on the importance of internally displaced persons urbanization and professionals (which is ironic because a year before he was terrified of them!)  Jim says that the way they were Important, also shared his personal displaced class. He keeps a copy on its agenda, and it often to ensure that was on the right track. Participants committed themselves ⠀ "internally displaced persons was more than complete. way was the key to success!

Much of what Jim and Theresa has been to provide food for staff thought. staff would be obtained outside the Merry-Go-Round meetings every day and throw them into a conference room or a meeting place outside the workplace was a discussion think. Sometimes around a particular equipment provided topic. other times it was to hear an opinion leader to speak â € "Ken Blanchard and Tom Peters. Teresa is that everyone took a break to recharge and functionalism Even reflect. € ™ s administrative assistants could have a two-day retreat each fall.

Tipping Points

There were several turning points.  The first is a 5-day conference of the d'une € "affectionately called â € â € œBootcamp.â Throughout of the week, people are surprised that there was a â € € œtotal waste as much time had thought. In fact, much appreciated Information and Jim and his colleagues looked training. good. Mission accomplished.

It is clear Jima € ™ s meeting on the move house is another important turning point. And a final turning point was actually a horse more than the acceptance by management of the elderly who need to have a â € € œpeople strategy succeed. Fortunately Jima € ™ s support, Teresa had built credibility necessary to lead this effort.

Measures of Success

A first success, at least for Teresa, was just to be heard to. a feeling that their experience and knowledge are used to help the organization to submit a € "which was a success for her.

Within five years, he worked in Teresa Jima ™ € s Department, as has been achieved through training and other interventions

  • Improved recruitment and retention of â € "because models competition, behavioral issues and panel interviews
  • Improving a moral € "internally displaced because of the recognition (informal / formal), and improved communications (letters, breakfasts, etc.)
  • better management Performance â € "better training and opinions, evaluations
  • Improving interpersonal communications â € "With the formation of DISC, a structured dialogue at conferences and meetings
  • balanced approach to professional development € "Including self-learning, membership in professional organizations, attending conferences, and mentoring relationships, and more.

None of this would have been possible if Jim and his close associates on board weren € ™ t â € "support these efforts and implement strong management policies.

How successfully generated Teresa

Two attributes can be attributed to its success: first, patience, on the other hand, perseverance. Jim was certainly a hard its initial direction Teresa crack. was for her to just get done and Nâ € ™ t trouble otherwise - € â € œnecessary view. But Evil She continued to make progress in identifying targets and design problems and solutions. He did a lot of hard work, listening and learn from others € "staff management. Its solutions are not limited to training but included other activities. It has no train for reasons of training. But instead of tuning solutions (training could be in part) to achieve real business objectives and issues. Ultimately, the impact was € Seena results of the business "and improving the business environment could improved. be linked directly to Theresaâ € ™ s initiatives.

Theresa is in Jima € ™ s box today?

â € œMost no doubt, â € said Jim. â € œHer presence is still needed in table. Teresa is a value It is more valuable resource. trainer. It is a valued and respected member of the team € "management solutions designed team. to contribute significantly our ability to succeed and do well in advance, namely, prevent problems before they problems.â  €  The training is now part of the objectives € ™ s business generally Jima and its own development process individual.

gain credibility with the level of business leaders is a walk in the park and learn quickly that youâ € ™ re never win respect. Every day is another test of their ability to make things happen â € "itâ € To create results. ™ is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Jim was a crack. challenging to win, Theresa encouraged to be a true performance professional. Jim made him think like a business person. She learned to use a full range of performance solutions to a € | Training. not only learned to take risks and how to navigate the difficult, if not impossible, the waters of high-level political offices.

A quote from Theresaâ € ™ s mind that summarizes how she got a seat in the â € œYou table. Bears canâ € ™ t big dogs, if you stay in the € porch.â

Teresa and Jim Six tips for a seat on the Board Administration

  1. Mer a deliverer of results, not a liberator of the activity.
  2. Measuring What Matters: Ask yourself, â € Oedo that generate revenue or reduce costs? â € A generator revenue.
  3. Being a businessman first and a second coach.
  4. Use your knowledge: A think outside the box â € € œtrainingâ.
  5. Take measures.
  6. Make your boss / executive and the team look good.

About the Author

Jim Yoakum is an accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of diversified (financial services, insurance, manufacturing and governmental) experience in risk management, internal control, regulatory affairs, operations and systems, law, compliance and taxation/accounting. He has many successes achieved in managing the creation of new or changing/evolving functions and managing projects/programs in resolution of significant issues. Jim has strong project/program management skills, using an inherent logical thought process honed by many years of technical training, were germane to these successes. He possesses the ability to manage human resources in a changing environment with passion, creativity, results-orientation and self-motivation. Jim is resilient, acts with decisiveness and to foster/adapt to change and new environments. Most importantly, Jim never wants to stop learning; never to stop helping others. He continues to develop and educate with writing, mentoring and networking.

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger is a well-respected corporate trainer and performance consultant, but it’s her work as a humorist and motivational speaker that sets her apart. She is a frequently requested speaker on topics of employee morale, professional development, performance improvement and workplace communications. Theresa’s experience as a professional stand-up comedian enables her to add fun and humor to her consulting and training work. Theresa has over 20 year’s business experience and has served in a number of leadership roles in a publicly-traded Fortune 100 Company and a privately-owned medium size company.


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