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My dog can die and get swelling of the vulva Spayde be?

It becomes Spayde and her vulva swells, it is still in the heat, because no blood can get noo Spayde died with her vulva swollen? Help please!

The heat cycle is 3-4 weeks, and only a week, with bleeding. If your vulva swells, she is in heat and keep warm. Yes, as with any surgery, there is always a small risk of complications, including death. But the possibilities are extremely small, if you follow the instructions from your vet and if the dog has no underlying problems. Most veterinarians choose not to sterilize a dog in heat (no Spayde), except a dog at risk. Messier is more complicated.

Dog pain caused by the Parvo virus

Canine Parvovirus or Parvo is a highly contagious virus that affects dogs. The disease spreads a dog to another, directly or indirectly in contact with their droppings. Most affected are the puppies rather than adult dogs. The virus can cause bloody diarrhea. In little puppies that can infect the heart and cause death. It may take up to 10 days after exposure until the dog or poppy may have symptoms of infection. Being a very serious illness, some puppies and dogs can not survive even if they have been treated for this disease. Without treatment, it is likely that the puppy can not survive. They die from dehydration.


The problem is that this disease is incurable at present, because no drugs available that can kill. This disease is not directly kill the dog, who acts in the intestine in place, which causes dehydration, blood infection and electrolyte imbalance. These are the reasons why dogs die after contracting the disease, so treatment is essentially a drug that reduces the effects of conditions listed so far. Secondary infections caused by this virus are often avoided by the use of antibiotics. For the dog has a chance survival, treatment of this condition should begin as soon as possible and the dog needs to monitor whether the treatment is administered. Veterinarians can help you to treat the symptoms and try to hydrate the puppy. The only thing you can do if you dog is sick is to provide systems support in your body during illness. This can make the administration of fluids, regulating electrolyte levels, controlling the temperature body and giving blood transfusions when necessary.

Sometimes you can administer homeopathic remedies, as well as drugs already prescribed. There are some products that are natural and there may help the dog. Examples include Oregon grape, goldenseal and echinacea, which is found in many of these types of resources. They raise the body of your dog's immunity, reducing inflammation, preventing bacterial infections and help the digestive system. Dog who survived the disease are not exempt. Even if your dog does not have the disease parvo today, which can be recovered within a few days.

Because of the contagious and dangerous disease, it is necessary to avoid, if possible, reducing the chances that your dog will have. For your dog to the vet for vaccines is the best method of prevention. Sure always the dog becomes all his plans in time. You can also clean areas that may be contaminated with bleach mixed with water (Use a ratio of 1:30). Use bleach to clean all areas that came into contact with a dog who has the disease.

Parvo is a drug contributes to the disease parvo. Studies show that if the drug is administered before symptoms of the disease in the dog is not sick at the end. The dog must overcome the disease within a few days since the start of treatment. No side effects into account. If your dog is pregnant or a disease of the pancreas or liver disease should not be given to medicine. Parva only contains natural ingredients such as peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, plantain, Echinacea, Pink, garlic and other ingredients.

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