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is 100% acrylic, the bottom panel is made of felt and stuffing is 100% polyester, right next to the label. Any specialist rabbits if it Safe? Thanks!

If your rabbit does not chew on it, you can use as a bed. If they start to itch, you have to leave. The synthetic materials (acrylic and polyester) are not digestible and can cause serious blockages.

The original Deluxe Sherpa Pet Carrier-introduce yourself and your dog to an ideal society Trip

The original luxury for dogs Sherpa Carrier is one that started it all. This is the bag that started the enthusiasm of the airline approved pet bags in the cabin of the airplane in 1990. This remains one of the most favorite and best selling bags on the market and grew in air travel with the animals he in the last two decades.

Sherpa Pet Carrier is a fresh approach and cheaper to travel with your dog. You do not have to travel on a plane to have a use for one of these types of bags fabulous dog. They are great lovers of all that you can bring comfort and range of commodities class.

The PET Bag is made from durable nylon fabric and quilted. It is solid and ready. One of the major options have improved with this bag is definitely designer colors currently available. Available in various styles of traditional black. It is also available in olive green, blue, red, and more more Short stature is also pink. Another major advantage of dog Sherpa luxury home with a plaque at the entrance. It has a door on the upper side as well. This helps make loading and unloading easy for your pet and you can even open the top enough for your animal to keep its head above while you carry around.

The Sherpa Pet Carrier, also easily adjustable strap to sling over your shoulder and go on his way. Two zippered compartments wide range of storage space to keep, travel papers, and almost any anything imaginable. On the dog is concerned, the most important is the comfort it offers. He has a wonderful synthesis of a lining sheepskin which helps you be more relaxed driving in the city. These are just some of the major characteristics of the business of providing family your pet.

As you may have heard, Sherpa said his "guarantee on board" program, which in turn through cooperation with the airlines simply do not authorize specific bags for air travel companies, but it offers a guarantee refund of your ticket. You should see the details of this program if you are interested, but this bag is part of this program, which is a great offer that requires some paperwork from you.

The original Deluxe Sherpa Pet Carrier is a great way to travel with your pet. Available in three sizes, quite ready to accommodate your girlfriend. The only problem I heard of these companies, which are not yet available black with brown trim. Currently, they are black About the Author

Robert Jones is a dog lover and believer in the proper training techniques for canines. If you are interested in a Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier for your pet, come see our selection of Sherpa Small Dog Carriers.


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