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Please tell me where to find cotton fabric quilted dog or cat paws in blue, red, beige, yellow, green?

My best resource for tissue is Hancocks Paducah line. The first link is the search for "leg" in place. Always start the search for a version shorter than you want - you get more results. I can not find what I need there, I can check eBay. The second link is the research here to "foot" cotton section. Good luck - I'm sure one of these will have what you need.

Find your niche in the quilting industry, manufacture and sell quilted accessories

If you want to start a quilting business, but not actual quilts, what about accessories quilt for sale?

furniture accessories include a wide range of products: the house? r, clothing, accessories for pets ... and more!

At the house? Class R, your company can manufacture and sell padded handles and aprons according to their pockets that coordinate with the model of adhesion. You can manufacture and sale of padded gloves.

Table runners and curtains stack are also popular quilted items for home. quilted placemats and coasters are also ideas.

For a living room, office, bedroom, dining room or kitchen curtains are popular mailers. These can be custom made to coordinate with the colors of the interior his client and style.

For a bedroom or bathroom, why not a litter box of tissues or photo or mirror frame? quilted bags are also good sellers.

Take the idea of the house? R on a small scale and perhaps your company could be making quilted items Quilting for doll houses. Many collectors will pay the best price for your dollhouse beds accented with tiny little quilts. This quilt would also a market niche for the baby dolls. Little girls love their dolls and many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who would pay a lot money for a special quilt made for a special doll!

Holiday opening a wide range of options for house? r so. Keep in mind that if your quilting business will focus on the house? R. Your quilting business could actually focus on holiday items.

Christmas ornaments, stockings, wall hangings, table decorations ... the chances of a holiday are endless! Imagine if your company focuses on quilting holidays.

For January, padded with? R with snowmen and snowflakes would be popular the theme of winter. February is Valentine's Day. Focus for the holiday items would be depreciated with the heart, cupids, etc. March brings St. Patrick's Day and spring.

April is Easter, and provides a number of articles of other houses quilt mind. Baskets made from strips of fabric quilted to be magnificent. Patchwork filled eggs to perfection would be so much fun items.

May and June graduations bring with Mother and Father's Day. These months are ideal for photo frames or albums filled with a quilted cover.

Patriotic Theme July would be a great source of inspiration for home Stuffing scenery. August and September sends children (and teachers) at school. Padded laptop bags, pencil cases would be a great accessory for those months. Halloween and Thanksgiving also offer endless possibilities for the house & eacutecor, too. Use your imagination!

padded clothing could include a number of questions too. Belts and headbands are popular accessories. Quilted jackets are part of larger bills that could make and sell. You can add small quilt blocks simple cardigans pockets. Combine your jackets with matching hat or a cloth bag stuffed and increase your price accordingly!

Other accessories are stuffed you can make cell phone holders, bags, lip gloss, and eye glass case. handbags and wallets are other ideas accessories for quilting. Handbags and purses are also very popular items that are translated into products very well padded.

The niche of pets can be so much fun. People of all ages love to buy things for your pets. For cats and dogs, padded carrying bags are good sellers. pet beds are another top item.

pet clothing is also popular. Small dogs usually need the added warmth of a coat in winter. padded coats, jackets and shawls are good sellers of clothing Pet. Create a package by including the quilted coat or jacket with matching hat stuffed.

Wherever you choose, a of these areas offer great sales opportunities for your business is quilting.
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