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Well please tell me what you think of my ideas for Christmas gifts for a Christmas Budget Conscious?

1 - ball of twine (Dollar Tree). -10-2 42 cent stamps (United States Postal Service). 3 - Bag of rubber bands (Dollar Tree). 4 to 79 cents a loaf of white bread (Aldi). 5-4-pack of paper tablets zero (Aldi). 6 - bag of cough drops honey lemon cons (target) 7. - Ajax Cleanser (Dollar Tree) 8. - Package No. 2 pencils ten (Dollar Tree) 9. - Pack lunches Brown Bag (Dollar Tree) 10. - Budget Dog Biscuits (Dollar Tree). Yes, I'm serious. Times are tough. We must tighten our belts. Just think of things a creative mind can do with a bag of rubber bands! Gift Cards: Most stores do not offer gift cards for $ 1.00. This is not a person. This is all my wish list. I do not know who will get the stamps. This is the gift of luxury, of course.

This year, my gift list includes only Christmas Stamps Five of 42 percent, so imagine my joy to be a generous enough to gift me with ten!

101 things to do with a pound of coins!

Many people who follow me in the house know that I am promoting Rick Otton € ™ strategies for buying a property without the use of bank financing and none of my own money (excluding books)! Â I recently bought a house for £ 1 in London and I thought about the mental block that the first had to overcome to do this.

So I set myself a fun challenge in which I wrote a list of the current economic crisis, which can really make a £ 1 just to show what is possible if you have an open mind! If you canâ € ™ t really expect Just go to number 101 € | or visit the href = "> "

Me great pleasure to write this list and ask people around me to your message. Enjoy!

  1. Store (sorry, you are receiving very little interest in this subject).
  2. Become a partner very low in a very small company.
  3. Giving someone who needs it, thatâ € ™ s almost everyone in the directory at this time.
  4. Buy a few bites of someone's € ™ s slice of pizza.
  5. The cast into the sea instead of stones to make an expensive trip to the beach.
  6. cents in cash for the 100 and place them everywhere (itâ € ™ s good luck people).
  7. Alternatively use the 100-100 pence for each source.
  8. Bet someone heads or tails in the street for him.
  9. Use a bucket to win toy fucking machine.
  10. Giving the homeless man in the center of the city.
  11. Double daily. Youâ € ™ ll be a millionaire in just 20 days.
  12. wide choice in the £ 1 shop.
  13. Place a bet to change the life of a broker bag and swindler.
  14. Exchange two brilliant pieces 50p.
  15. Call a fake a stripper for about 5 seconds.
  16. Purchase a scratch card and turn your £ 1 on a piece of trash.
  17. Buy two copies of the standard in the night and you wish you had read the meter freestyle.
  18. Get a godsend Oxfam and help a charity at the same time.
  19. Wedge in the door to hold it open.
  20. Request a street musician song the local city center.
  21. Buy and read a classic novel of a used bookstore. Then, sold for £ 1.
  22. 2 Develop digital and create a mini-album of memories.
  23. Leave it to extra payments on your mortgage, pay your 0.00000000000000000001 Home years earlier (best estimate).
  24. Use it as a paperweight very inefficient.
  25. Use it instead of cutting the paper into a marriage (With care).
  26. Photocopy and have several pinups of the queen.
  27. Downloading a song from iTunes legal.
  28. Store one week € ™ s supply of ramen noodles.
  29. Get third of 7-grain bread decent.
  30. Buy a total € ™ Daya s food in a poor family in Africa.
  31. Get the silence of a child if you buy a soft feel.
  32. Buy a share of a company in difficulty.
  33. Buy a thirtieth of a share of Microsoft.
  34. Place the end of a fishing rod and play to win or lose.
  35. Bribe a clerk, advice on what to do with a £ 1
  36. It has a chess piece special
  37. Place on the edge long as possible.
  38. The transition to the new £ 1 coin and hunting in a vending machine that accepts.
  39. rolling down the hill, then try to find it.
  40. Give someone who has one and have doubled their savings instantly.
  41. Buy a lottery ticket and try to beat the odds to 1 14m.
  42. Make a fortune betting on a winning horse with a quota of 50,000 â € "1.
  43. Buy a proposed 1 million pounds of law in a magic shop and money in Tesco € ™ s
  44. Buy discount schedule in September
  45. A 15 minute run through the machine up if you donâ € ™ t have a gym a month.
  46. Park your car for 10 minutes in central London.
  47. Someone bet £ 1 you can dance worse than MCHammer. Lost Bet
  48. Drinks up all the â € "The tea is.
  49. Get half of his shirt dry cleaned.
  50. Buy a piece of paper and a pencil. Write Award history.
  51. Report it. Dig it up to 200 years from now and hop, itâ € ™ s an antique.
  52. Cut your hair. What is your hair.
  53. Enjoyment back into the shop 99p
  54. Get an offer of food for your pet pet worm.
  55. Spend an hour at the Penny Arcade.
  56. Getting your palm read at the carnival (for £ 1 your fortune can be devastating).
  57. Buy a key chain, opened a gift shop at the airport and sell it for £ 10.
  58. Visit the show balls and throw losers to win prizes.
  59. Buy lots of switches of the jaw and shove everything in their mouths.
  60. Change of craigslist for something fresh, like a puzzle with missing pieces 5.
  61. A mesh-finger glove.
  62. Put in the left pocket of the chest hands in the case of a murderer hired the wrong person.
  63. Buy a bath imitation game mass and a regression to childhood.
  64. Making lemonade lemons, four to the pound in most supermarkets.
  65. Writing, directing, producing and starring in his own film serious budget low.
  66. Team up with another 100,000 people with £ 1 and have a big party.
  67. Or, team up with billions of other people with £ 1 and feed the hungry.
  68. Travel 100 meters on the tube in central London
  69. Fill your tires with air and vacuum, against € ™ s interior.
  70. Buy two rubber bands and string its own large designer.
  71. Buy a pay per view event of a show you might have seen during the week passes.
  72. Rent for 7 minutes by car.
  73. Place in a fire to show that you donâ € ™ t burn the money.
  74. Stick it in an envelope instead of a label â € "can not deliver
  75. Buy something that will always last a low energy bulb
  76. Travel back to 1785 and Pop in a savings account.
  77. red paint and paste it into the box of the game
  78. Giving an operator and ask them you may buy for her in the 50th € ™ s â € "be patient.
  79. Buy Tic-Tac for the chain smoking at work.
  80. Use at the foot of the table if the table wobbles.
  81. Give a complete stranger, with a wink as he does and watch their reactions.
  82. Stick in freezer for use as an ice cube expensive.
  83. Stick to the pension fund and see the falling value of the distance.
  84. Glue at the bottom of a glass table and see the hilarious results.
  85. Swap back to one of his teeth the old tooth fairy
  86. Ask a silly to change the bill £ 50 (if it works, let me know).
  87. Tape to his forehead. When people ask why, for example, you're the one.
  88. Add Gordon Brown to see the end of a hopeless battle of the election.
  89. See How clean does it take to get it in toilets
  90. Write the CEO of a major oil company, as well as their shirts.
  91. Leave it in your book € ™ s office to prove their honesty.
  92. Get something fresh to your local Discovery Channel Storee ™ € s closing sale.
  93. Enter Starbucks and ask for a small sample espresso
  94. Buy half a box of popcorn cinema.
  95. Buy enough paint completely redecorate one of the walls of the cage.
  96. Add your grandmother to say Thanks for all the times I gave a £ 1.
  97. Save up the day after Valentine's Day € ™ s and buy a big box of chocolate.
  98. Buy your tickets first Row New Kids on the Block reunion tour.
  99. Take a scientist to prove that money does not really talk
  100. The purchase of shares in the bankruptcy of the new bank in the United Kingdom.
  101. Buy a home with Rick Otton ™ € s new strategies for buying property in today's market.

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