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Verified purebred dogs, horses and other animals before allowing a partner or live together?

But why is bad how to check The genealogy of the so-called man or woman in our society of man before choosing a life partner. Can we reduce crime against women by making this simple check?

You are "right on" with their thinking. If you do not know your potential partner for life "for a long period is very wise to spend a few bucks and do a line check. I did it with a man .... Was carefully looked ,...... Smart, talented, and 40,000 U.S. dollars owed to the IRS! He also had a long list of court appearances. I Yacht Racing crew. If the race is one to take me out of my area immediate (over 5 miles), also check online the captain. Even being careful, you can still get in some risk, but it least reduce these risks by checking online users. The world is smaller because of computer / media and we all have to be more cautious of our environment ....

The most distinctive of dogs is still a mystery to this day. One theory is that the name of the Dalmatian dog breed for Thomas Bewick as 1791. In extracts from "Anecdotes of Dogs", established by Edward Jesse, Thomas Bewick firmly insists that the dog came from a region of Dalmatia But without the evidence seems to refute the arguments of Bewick. Since 3700 BC, King Khufu (Cheops or) was known to have been spotted owner dog, the dog has detected for the first time in history. Proof may be more convincing is a fresco of 1700 a. C. Tiryns depicting a hunt wild boar with black spots and liver of dogs now days can still be found in the National Archaeological Museum Art In Greece, 400 BC, a dog of Crete has been observed commonly used for hunting antelope. This dog is crossed after antelope with a white dog of Egypt old to the creation of a distinctive color dog who loved horses along.

How many dogs Dalmatian got its name

Regarding how the Dalmatian came to be identified as is an entirely new spin on an already very complicated story completely and controversial. Interestingly, the origin of the name of Dalmatia, in many respects is similar to the form with which the Labrador Retriever, a breed of dog in Canada from Newfoundland, came to be associated with England and, later, "Labrador" by an Englishman.

As Dalmatia with the region bearing the same name does not occur in 1930, the Consul General of Monaco in the United Kingdom, who also became a member of the British Dalmatian Club, had a couple of Dalmatians in Dalmatia as a gift to his stepfather Banacos Bozo. Banacos Bozo had already expressed its interest to expand there are dogs.

In fact, there are good reasons to believe that the name Dalmatia is probably a corruption of the word "Damachien" a term by which the dogs have been known to the time which translates into English as Deer Hound (a mixture of Latin and French words "Lady" and "Dog", which means, respectively, deer and dogs).

The eminent French naturalist Buffon has also put his fingers into the fray and referred to the Dalmatian there is no convincing evidence to associate the Dalmatian with India.

As is evident, despite the different appearance Dalmatian is a breed of dog whose exact origins have eluded historians around the world today. And when all is said and done, it seems During its history, the Dalmatian has honored many hats occupation, including the following: retrievers, pointers, Ratter, the dog of war, etc., but it was as a shepherd dog in the car of Victorian England that the breed found his true vocation. As a coach Dalmatian served both a practical function affinity to run under cars drawn by horses, dogs ideals are those that ran near the hind hooves. However, with the growing popularity of the car lost its importance in society Dalmatian, but continued as a dog trainer of horses, fire engines, a tradition giving way to Dalmatia be adopted as a mascot for parks contemporary fire.

The Dalmatian dog breed has been recognized earlier by the AKC in 1888, but due to intense genetic selection for distinctive pattern was soon the race was plagued by genetic problems urinary tract, namely a predisposition to uric acid calculi (kidney stones). To correct this problem, the Dalmatian dog breed is crossed with various Pointer breeds later!

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