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I am looking for bedding doll patterns? ?

I need something simpler. I'm a pillow mattress covers, etc.. It's for a 16 doll.Thanks lot "

You do not need role models. The bed is made of rectangles of different sizes. And define your wrist and make your own models. You can use the logs to cut or cut the fabric directly without cause. Cut and sew tissue or two layers of mattresses and pillows, and stuffed or edges of the sheets and blankets.

The manufacture of porcelain dolls Aprons

Now that you have created guidelines to make your porcelain doll dress, You can add a platform to improve their way. Aprons are relatively easy to do. You will need equipment, including 6 inches of light colored fabrics plain weaving (Batiste) to make your deck. You will also need lace, 3 / 8 inch cut edges. In addition, the DMC thread is made of wire Embroidery white poly-cotton white fabric glue and spray, DMC embroidery floss (pink and green, pink 818-524-green) and amounts to her apron. (OOO-Chips)

Now that you have your articles, you can start making your deck. You can buy lace or design your own territory. In this case, we will do the edges, such as scallops and flyers.

You will need art paper and pencil to draw the deck model. Once you have created a model, cut. Use your spray stabilization untreated the bottom, sprinkle with about 2 inches, and let dry. Press fabric stiffness. Now, start to sew a fabric edges, ie, a wavy ornamental fabric. (Scallops) I want something along the raw edges on the merits. Then, in parallel with the distance to sew with her skirt. Leave 1 / 2 inch or 1 inch opening on the right side of his foot. " Do not sew too close to the edges without treatment.

TIP: If you use a sewing machine, use the configuration method to form scallops.

Next, use fabric glue and run along the outside edges of your model. Let the glue dry and then cut Craft scissors with excessive tissue to adapt. Cut another 15 inches along the fabric and another 4 inches wide. Now ready to begin your flying sewing. Types embroidered scallops after finishing the edges are not sewing the edges so that zigzags. Will stitching seams on the back developed and hem. Collect points to perform online and crown. To create the hem of her apron, not the right to cut any length.

Aprons do is create a few methods, which include cutting the straps and the waist by the scheme or pattern. Would you cross at the sewing thin edges of the lace. Continue sewing the edges of the rear half and put the collective right to the opening of borders in the half apron back. Now you can fold the plug, press and add a few lines, while the collection of stitches on the edge of the crown of his kilt. Collect and pull up the kilt of modules, collection to meet the size and compare the front half, and the slot. Of course the collection area is still. Collectively thing and brush the seams and using the crisscross method to complete its task.

Then fly off the shoulder in a straight line through the reason for sewing the edges of the fabric. (Scallops) now have their points, meet, and run a few lines along the curved edge of your shoulder ruffles. Between the notches in your shoulder side, place the finished edge and even as you sew the seam lines and molding. Now fold the strip along the fold line. Press your model to fall below the edges untreated. Then sew hidden below the waist seam preparation of their leaflets. Straps shoulder can now go around the waist, which should be compared with the notches. Before completing his task, comparing the shoulder straps wrist to ensure it matches, then complete its seam.

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