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How much should I sell my photos (below)?

In my other question, I asked how much should I sell my image, but still some details in this place and here they are: I make art, outdoors, and some portraits. I do my own matting and framing. Double or single mats Print Size: 8-12 at 11-14. One of my photos (photo of a sunset with clouds) won a contest and was hung in a museum for 3 months.

for property Framed 11x14 I would recommend an additional of $ 200-300, if they sell at that price you can ask later ... Not any good, remember that you still need to recover the cost of your camera, time and cost printing and processing ... As a tip, make sure they are made with archival ink, or through a professional photo lab, because the last thing we want to make to disappear ...

Picture framing supplies make great gifts

When photographic images are raised to the category of art, there is nothing better to arm href = ""> picture framing supplies. As the floor and furniture, frames wood films have a warmth, a glow and a connection to simpler times that sterile metal frames can not match.


Photography itself may be art, but the development of art is a science. Even in the best sources to frame the picture, if not done correctly, the best photo printing will be down and sticky - and may even suffer an early death from fatty acids, moisture or ultraviolet light.

Besides a good selection of custom wooden frames with the appropriate size, here is a list of what you need:

- Photo Mat Board
- Support for printing materials
- "Hinge" fabric or other adhesive, photo corners and / or ""
- Picture Card (Box of Bainbridge is preferable)
- Glazing

cardboard Bainbridge is the highest quality, acid-free materials. This is important because the weak acid mat picture quality will eventually rise to burns carpet ", which causes unsightly spots on the image. In addition, the image of high quality cardboard treated with a buffering agent to raise the pH and the presence of such damage.

You'll also need enough paper to do both carpet and a carpet of new window, for reasons described below.


The objective of the board of directors or board mounting of music is the rigidity of the image in the framework and prevent deformity, or "respect". There are several types available, but all elected, will have some sort of barrier between this support and advice of the photo mat. This is particularly important when using wood photo frames, which are organic and porous, the idea is to minimize the possibility of effects of moisture and contaminants from the environment that could destroy the print.

Hinges paper are better than other adhesives for affixing impression on the carpet. They are similar to "double-stick tape is specially formulated for use in photographic paper. Alternatively, you can use "photo corners that you will not need adhesive applied to the photo itself.

The carpet of the "window" is placed over the print itself to prevent any direct contact between the material (glass or acrylic - plastic should be avoided) and the surface of the photograph, which might otherwise stick to the image.

The finished product ...

artistic photographs deserve better frameworks Photography you can afford, and a fine wooden frames are the most interesting in virtually any situation. However, it has the appearance of the display area into account when selecting managers, and if the room accents are mainly stained wood and finished in a particular color, you want to make sure that their wood frames are complementary, and not to the detriment of the decoration.

About the Author

Susan Slobac is an avid photographer. Susan believes a picture frame is more than just fashion; it's a safeguard for something you love.


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