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The term drag queen ...?

... Ask a gay man who lives the life of a pedestrian's clothing women (such as pedestrians, this may be a life anyway), or the term refers specifically only to the performers? Never been used to describe men who wear of women to act in the theft of burlesque, female identity, etc.

'Drag Queen applies particularly to the artists. They are usually gay, and often do not dress up at all off the stage. A man who wears women's clothes in a lifetime "pedestrian" is a crossdresser or transvestite (the two terms are synonymous). Most transvestites / crossdressers are straight, but there are transvestites gay. ["Sarge" the terms "pre-op and post-op 'refers specifically transgender people, not "transsexual." Transsexuals are a very different phenomenon. Speaking of a transsexual and transgender "is a] serious misconduct

London, burlesque and cabaret scene in 2009 - an insider view

Top London clubs and cabaret burlesque Five

Everyone is a step - So it seems to be in London these days with increased interest in burlesque and cabaret. The problem is how to separate the grain from tares. A Below is a view from inside the field burlesque in London.

In the party making a list of the best clubs cabaret burlesque London and a crazy race. The requirements of, say, a half-old American tourist from the Midwest will be very different from, say, a young Metropolitan Amateur Burlesque hen party or a desktop / this question. And that's before joining the club vs. club dinner theater-style club bar vs. style, straight or gay vs. vs. all the traditional debate neo burlesque. Here's what I call my five best "race" burlesque and cabaret. I not sought by the Crown for a "Best of Show" - Continue with my dogs - like, because that would be foolish traveler.

Madame Jojos
A must for everyone, not just because he is the father cabaret burlesque, but because through their superlative programming that addresses almost all of my American tourist (go to concerts on weekends) My trendy burlesque fans (go to the window and some shows in the middle of week) not to mention some very good night club (but that's another article.) If something is not the only groups, I would say are well cared UK hen and office parties can find the weekend shows too quiet (even though trying to find the humor that can extend over 20 nationalities various - including Japan - that it is not!) and mid-week entertainment / shows a mite inaccessible. beautiful architecture and a site covers a great overall package. Other complaints may be the high price and the way food and drink, but not really point is. My main criticism is that it leans too much toward traditional burlesque / cabaret forms seems increasingly report more attention to his rivals before - Shadows of the Royal Academy of Arts which may be the mid-90s who are then left by the likes of Goldsmiths College with all the art Brit. Still expect a venerable Grande Dame be something - I mean you want your grandmother to break dancing and "do" with those who are particularly suited for tourists

Again, ideally located in the West End but a bit boring (but well decorated) basement Delight is my favorite club dinner in London. Excellent programming burlesque a good range of both traditional and neo burlesque artists and for the case of a large web site with flash also does not miss Flash. What I like about programming is that its sophisticated and accessible at the same time, something of my own experience is rather difficult to achieve. Everything is just right of the ever so lively white linen table clothes for false Edwardian table lamps. Good food and drinks with a large stage (though somewhat hidden behind pillars tables to make sure to check when booking!). Unfortunately complaints as a nightclub atmosphere can be a bit small to say the least and a much dominated Holborn office address (meters of white cloth surpassed only by the size of the white shirt and tie office workers that pack as) so that the public is somewhat less sophisticated than the sample (Management by the way they should be commended for having ignored the "I want more tits and ass" brigade). I'm not a fan Standing room either and as with all parts of the West End, where prices are high. An excellent tip-free license to a good night. Oh and please imitations eager faces as Pigalle, I have not heard anything bad, but the reports (in reality should stick Vince Powers Rock and Roll!)

Peacock Peacock Bar www.the-bar.co.uk
Now I'm a little biased here as I get rid of the club and helped to create. But In my defense, Peacock Bar has been voted London Burlesque Club, Top London Club and the birthday party held by ViewLondon Top Cabaret [more won almost every other fee under the sun over the last six months, including small office location London Top ties. Our programming is very neo burlesque sketch - really musical / social commentary in the traditional style of The Kinks. We also specialize in the development will be interactive and members of the public stage with many improvements as well as a bar-club rather than a nightclub. While we believe this creates an atmosphere much more lively, exciting and dynamic that we can find in clubs or dinner (although, of course, provide food) or traditional burlesque shows (and how many girls in feathers can be seen in life.) We also try and program for the Christmas season, we present "Christmas dinner and Christmas dinner with a difference with the free version burlesque and cabaret - to your boss on stage and humiliate! Particularly suitable for birthday parties, Christmas, wedding shower and bachelor party reservations.

Vauxhall Tavern
The refuge gay cabaret legend has launched most of the actor TV gay and transvestite and the junction of home in the UK and beyond over the past 20 years, which tells you something about the quality of happened here. All this in an unbeatable location in the United Kingdom for its ruggedness, sweat stained the walls black in their own filth indescribable Loos - who, although course, is the perfect backdrop for the b * tch from hell acts of the Queen-style that dominate here (provocative Carefully!). Unfortunately, this place is strictly non-gay as accessible to most of us. Often people write like in Lost vagueness, performers performers Avante garde performers like Leigh Bowery and clubs like Torture Garden helped trigger the neo burlesque. However, I suspect the Vauxhall Tavern has a much greater influence than any desire for them. Then for every gay or bi-sexual abroad trip to London does not leave up the experience at least one night at the Vauxhall Tavern. But a word of warning to avoid the legions of cheap imitations Camden and Clapham faces - none of them is a patch on the real thing. Finally, the Vauxhall Tavern is obviously much more of a place cabaret burlesque - You will not see the girls are not too damage unless they are drag queens. Complaints its only gay and could really do with a certain clear and perhaps little air conditioning also unintentionally, of course, do not change the nature of the place. Oh No! Particularly suitable for clients the gay and gay-friendly metropolis

Bethnal Green Working Mans Club.
I'm not sure why I am here, including the fact that their reality is not a cabaret burlesque or at least - as the title suggests a club in a working Mans really mean London. It is also very unpleasant inside but may be of interest to sociologists that you feel you're walking in time to the 1950s - from the old box to the front door to the hive harpies aging hair that pass through the bar staff (service some of the most drinks boring I've ever seen. Forget the cocktail revolution down to Bethnal Green tube), not to mention vinyl and carpet so decrepit that it is application that does not stick to your shoes (oh, not overnight occupancy). Programming is however inspired and is home to some of the best nights of homelessness Neo burlesque club (Wham Bam Club for one) and artists (with a delicious chocolate). But the checklists in advance and they sound too far or you may be disappointed when you find that there is no show and the warm beer in plastic cups and ladies for entertainment. Particularly suitable for clubbers sophisticated metropolitan amateur burlesque

Here concludes my review of Cabaret Burlesque and the five best clubs. Please feel free to contact me for any criticism or praise, and places that can not be lost

About the Author

Lawrence Merrett is the booker and co founder of Peacock Bar, the award winning London burlesque, cabaret and cocktail bar club nightclub venue. Rated Top London Burlesque Club, Top London Cabaret Club,Top Clapham Nightclub, Top London Hen Party Venue, Top London Stag Party Venue and Top London Birthday Party Venue 2009 by Viewlondon. Copyright property of Peacock Bar. For more information see http://www.the-peacock-bar.co.uk


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