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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Dragon Cross Stitch products and information here meets your needs.

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Anyone know where to find this model of cross-stitch kit .. /?

I try to find Teresa Wentlzer Dragon Ride ... is for a friend who loves his work for Christmas. I can not find anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. So far, I only found one Italian and one site Japanese site wouldnt sell to me.

According to the website of TW, which was published in September 1999 World Stitcher, no indication that was never published as a booklet. You may have to see or do on ebay groups online cross stitch, if anyone has this item for sale or trade. After further research .... Dragon Rider has been published as a brochure Art Leisure. Whether or not the version is still another matter. Again, check eBay.

A walk through Halong Bay

My bike is sitting in my room, waiting for a ride. They did not come since his arrival in Hanoi, as seems to be quite a challenge to navigate the horrible traffic jams in the streets. This is the worst I seen, and I have been a number of countries in the Third World. This is a free for all there. Accidents are frequent, such as cars bumper, with the exception of bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and running the other.

I got up early to a tour of the day in Halong Bay. The cost is $ 29 and includes lunch. I had originally planned on cycling Halong and after spending several days exploring the area, but I'm already a few days ago my estimated time of travel and tour business, I'll be back on track. At 6:30 I took the elevator to the lobby, you enter inside and outside there is no lighting in the lobby at all. Entry doors were closed and shuttered windows blocked the view of the street. As I accustomed to the darkness and looked around the entrance, I could see people sleeping on cots and had a number of parked motorcycles lobby. I was wondering how everything went down the street where they would be collected by the tour company minivan. Soon, some of these organizations have begun to go to sleep and waking. Within minutes they were all in their beds, turning on the lights, the cradle fold with their bedding, and prepare for the workday ahead. These people were all employees of the hotel, and I suppose this hotel is also his home. What a way to exist! I am sure that many other employees live in the same manner as other businesses.

The van was exactly at 7:30 and headed east of town on our way to the Gulf of Tonkin, 115 miles. He quickly crossed the Red River, the name is not for political reasons, but by a mineral in the river that turns the water red. The trip to Halong take 3 1 / 2 hours and is part of our group 8 tourists stopped in a small village to visit a handicraft industry. I guess this happened because the driver would get a commission on everything you buy when purchasing it. It seems that each city produces or manufactures a product or article, and in this case, it was a village of weavers and silk lace. I must admit that these artists have done an incredible job. When given a small photo of 6 inches, which is embroidered a duplicate of the scene a size of 12 inches, or even a reproduction of the size of three feet in perfect detail, with some 100 or dots per inch. You can be a foot away and did not be able to say it was an extension of the photo, or play very good oil. I was very impressed with the quality and said he bought one, but my limit while cycling. Space is always a big consideration for a bonus, not extra space does not need. When one of these masterpieces is, is quite heavy and rigid throughout, so that you can not take a lesser package.

After the break, follow. I found myself sitting beside a young girl named Jennifer Canada. She works Vietnam and take a break, so bearing on tour today. His job description is probably something that we all love. She works for a hotel International five-star, to verify that travel through the world society of hotels, incognito, to spend five days each. It uses all hotel services also eat in their restaurants, then wrote a report on its findings. After a stay of five days, she flies to another. All fees are paid, and receives a salary, too. I did not know there was a job! He said he is scheduled for a holiday soon, and asked where to go on vacation because I thought she was on vacation phrases. The favorite vacation spot ... Thailand! Mine too! Then she said that when she goes on vacation, he never stays in five star for two people, even at very low prices, which prefers smaller, unique accommodations with a local environment rather than the accommodation of large hotel chains. She asked me some suggestions on places to visit and stay in Thailand, and offered some tips on great places like Koh Samui, Phuket and are a couple of my favorite places to visit.

After our little shopping spree, we continue. The minivan driver was sane much the pilot was crazy airport. At some point we had a truck full of ducks, each placed in a white dress with a slit for the head of the duck. There must be at least a thousand birds packed in the truck and all heads swaying up and down and running in all directions, that. We have fun all at this point of view. Legend has it that huge dragon came down from the highest mountain and the sea in Halong Bay. On the way down the slope, the huge dragon tail swaying forward So back and dig deep valleys and the elevation of the ground to form mountains. These deep valleys filled with seawater and that the action 3000 creates islands of Halong Bay.

When we arrived at the dock of the bay on the coast were divided into 3 groups so that each group has its own guide / translator. Each group has its own boat. The group was in the past a bin 40 feet is actually very nice with a floor below, which served as dining room and an outdoor terrace which was higher than the rest. Our guide was called Tom. Tom was a child. Course I laughed at that name, and she looked at me with a "look do not understand." I do not think he knew something about jokes, I explained that I played with his name. She said she loved the Americans!

We had a good meal in the dining room of the ship. There was 6 large plates of food, served in a family with rice and drinks. The boat trip we had through a series of islands and we all relaxed teak lounges on each floor. The trip lasted two hours, the scenery was beautiful and the sea was calm and clear. We anchored in one Islands and then climbed on a time scale on the side of a mountain and took some huge caverns. The caves were lit and had good roads and tile stairs. The caves were huge, so big that it is difficult to realize its actual size. Tom gave us a comment running, but his English was difficult to understand, so I did not learn much. The trip to Halong Bay is considered as the first tourist destination in Vietnam. In 1994, this area has been designated heritage and became a protege, showing the importance of this beautiful place.

We returned to Hanoi at the end of the day, around 8:30 pm, and the driver downloaded each of us to a central location, not with each of our hotels. I was tortured by hunger for this time of day. Our point drop was near the lake there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. I chose "Mama Roma", an excellent choice, if I may say well. The atmosphere was very nice, right in Italy. There, a violinist right romantic music playing in my picture. The food we eat was better than the meal I got to visit Italy! The only thing missing was my baby could be sitting in the empty chair at my table. At the time she returned to my hotel, street sweepers with brooms and shovels were in force. This is an excellent work collecting all the garbage that accumulates in the gutters and streets of this city. During the day, people throw all sorts of rubbish and waste in the streets and there are lots of stinking garbage everywhere by nightfall. In the morning, everything was cleaned.

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