Dreams Come True

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What am I? Sometimes I can read thoughts and my dreams and I see ghosts all the time.?

I really want to know what I am, I will said that I am psychic and I know I am a sensitive, but I'm more than that. when I dream my dreams and I did not realize until it happens. I still see and hear ghosts and sometimes, I know what people think, if I concentrate. in my family has had an Indian princess and said he had the same capacity as the name of my ability.

Telepathy is the ability to mind read. The ability to predict the future is called clairvoyance or precognition. And the ability to see ghosts is called Extra Sensory Perception.

Your dreams become reality?

Your dreams come true? "
By Tom Boneparte

Once upon a time .... was not a distant land, far. There was talk of a place where the streets were paved with gold, fountains flowed with wine flavored with sweet nectar. The food was so abundant that you could eat as much and as often as he wanted. The land was so rich ... not worked the traditional sense of having a job, owning a business, serving in the army or the peace organization. Instead ... This a place to discover he had accomplished his mission and purpose in life. The question is ... it's heaven or hell?

Ask yourself ... looking for this place? Would you / Find any of the following:

• Early retirement for 55 years
• Retirement at the age of 62 years or more
• You want to be a millionaire with cash to prove it
• Travel around the world
• Material things to monitor
• Take the job and shove it
• Be a person people really care about people and their life
• For actions give to their community
• For actions are envious, jealous or just mean

I had to take past to keep me honest. Search ... there is no right or wrong, because each person has a unique role and purpose in life. Therefore, leads each of us to discover what is the purpose and mission is ... THEN ... DO IT!

I think you know when you do that means that in life, because There will be a sort of inner peace. Some even say there is a glimmer that concern you. I'm just saying ... I think you know.

I started this article talking about a fairy tale, it is much easier to focus our thinking on the future rather than the present and now. The thought has its place in advance. However, I think it is much more important than keeping his eyes on the prize right now at this time. In terms you understand ... called "Plan". With "a plan" ... you can start making your dreams.

Again ... only limited by your imagination. You can find the dream job, start your own business, make your millions of dollars in retirement as a millionaire, find your soul sister, back to school, or perhaps travel ... write that bestseller. Heaven or Hell ... You decide!

About the Author

Tom Boneparte is an author whose purpose and mission in life is to communicate; educate; and motivate. He is dedicated to providing practical tools that help you achieve your dreams. Visit... http://www.smartways2rich.com for "FREE" money making reports. Permission given to forward and circulate if whole article kept intact including ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Copyright 2008.


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