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How to develop a model of dress? or has a similar?

OK, so I want a dress that goes halfway down my thighs, the size is not too much baby and can be worn with a jacket. How to model for him or I can print it?

OK, you can see the models in this website.maybe, you can find the resolvent www.ever-pretty.com/ss3-Cocktail-dress-1.html http://

Dress for Success

Dress for Success ... What does this mean? Today, these two words seem to cause more confusion than ever. appropriate clothing used to be determined by the industry or profession. However, it also varies from company to company. Depends each company to determine their own standards for professional clothing. Unfortunately this is not today, not all businesses. Although some companies have policies in place professional wardrobe, most do not. In many companies, it is not uncommon for workers say they work in the same things you use to wash the car or go to the beach. With so much diversity, the question is, what company should look like closet? The following tips can help you:

Dressed to impress
Notice what your boss and customers often use. To impress his boss, dressed in the same or a little more relaxed. If your boss wears a jacket, so it should. To impress your guests, dress the same level or a bit more formal. If your client has always wear jeans, you can leave the jacket and jeans at home. Dress for success with a high neck and / or purpose style.

Avoid odd image
Everything has its time and place. Sexy, grumpy, sweaty and vulgar remarks have no place in the workplace ... even on casual days. Used clothing for special events must be retained for such activities.

Dress Down in Style
Even the days of sport, be prepared. Jacket to maintain proper coordination of unexpected encounters with the boss or Conservative customers.

Plan ahead for a professional finish
When it comes to personal appearance, the little things that count. Good preparation is really a big difference. You ... and clothing must be able optimal.

Add something special
Relax on the accessories. Accessories can create the look that says: "This is what I am." Accessories are the extras that can give each of us to each style. But remember, in business for less is more.

Less Impress with less
Yes, they can have a professional look on a budget. Go for quality over quantity. Buy quality fabrics and timeless style ... Maybe you can afford. Select season less fabrics such as wool, light cottons and fine silks. Natural fibers seem more expensive and can be used all year.

Think three
Less is more when it comes to color. Do not use more than three colors at once, including accessories. The bosses have a color unique. The colors and styles that mix and match to create capsule wardrobe that save time and money.

Make a statement nuanced
Have you ever wondered why the traditional navy or gray suit worn with a white shirt and tie was known as "power suit"? A dark jacket or off with a white cap or adding face clearly highlights the power and presence.

Make a small adjustment
Making small changes to the sleeves, hem and waist or just change the buttons can make your custom appearance such as clothing, and you look like one million.

If in doubt, dress
In business, it is better to have more clothes that dress ... especially if you're trying to heal. But keep in mind that consistency is important. If one day you wear a suit with a collared shirt and the next day he reported for work at Using wrinkled khaki shirt with former colleagues and customers are confused. Consistency is necessary to transmit their personal appearance in an image.

When it comes to dress professional, if it is not quite right, it probably is. Using common sense and good sense of taste can create positive impressions that will help you reach the top.

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Kimberly Law, AICI CIP is a Certified Image Consultant and principal of Personal Impact International founded in 1999. She is an author, speaker and works with companies, men and women helping them refine their look from head to toe and enhance professional communication, increasing confidence and personal effectiveness FREE Self-Assesments


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