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question on the book by pressing flowers?

Recently, pressed flowers. After two days, had not yet dried or lost color, but they became considerably flat. so I've pasted in some ceramic tile and glue laminated glass top of his moisure seal. He has been a week and are always pleasant and colorful, will never lose its color,

Because they are not completely dry, it breaks down under the tail, so lining up to fall, or they saw a dark brown. wait at least 2 weeks before the opening of the book, and usually 4 weeks. You can take a shortcut to fly over the paper flowers or fabric. The use of recycled paper thick hand. I agree with, but you can buy. Place the flowers in the face of paper or cloth, although covered with paper towels, then eliminate pounds a hammer until the color comes through the paper towel. Remove paper towel and flower drive bits. Coat decoupage or white glue way to preserve the color ..

Flores Recycling

Nothing adds beauty to a room quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers evoke the best feelings humans. He became a special part of our marriage, her debut, graduations, dances, Christmas and all special occasions and celebrations.

beautiful red rose reminds us of our first dating. It reminds us how life is beautiful. So next time you get the roses your secret admirers and loved ones, no waste. Just when you think it's time to hit the trash can be the best time to transform into something special and sustainable.

If your roses in the vase is completely open, following what will happen is that it begins to fade. This is the best time to make potpourri. Do not wait until they are completely dry in their pots. Making potpourri is a great way bring this romantic rose scent in any room.

For pot-pourri, remove the petals completely opened. Dehydrate petals Place in a hot oven for hours or you can place them in the microwave on high for about three to five minutes. Just remember to put them in a single layer. Dehydration of the fragrance of rose petals dissipates. But do not worry, put a little oil of roses they will do the trick! This will restore your perfume.

You can also add other flower petals of the variety. Once all the petals are dry, Place in a bowl or pretty basket. Nice decorative glass jars make good potpourri containers. If you want to give this as a gift, you can make bags bag tissue rather old. Add oil rose pot-pourri from time to time to encourage your perfume.

If medley decision is not your style, try to press your flowers. This is one of the best things to do with flowers. More In addition, the pressing need any flowers special equipment or skills. You only need your flowers, tissue paper, such as paper blank journals available in stores Supplies office, a certain pressure and heat.

To provide the leverage needed to support their flowers, and heavy flat object will do. Examples are old phone books. It is not advisable to put the flowers directly on the pages of the book that the flowers tend to be dyed. Start by putting your flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper. You may want to put in the position you want to be. Put it on a shelf or place a stack of books on him.

To avoid bruising, you can also use sandwich panels to ensure that its thicker parts thin and are pressed uniformly. Wait until the flowers dry. Drying flowers vary. Temperature, humidity and type of dry flower all play a role. Small flowers dry quickly, you may need 4 to 5 days to dry while the large flowers can take more than 8 days. The store dried flowers between two sheets of tissue paper into one warm and dry. Pressed flowers are perfect for any greeting card, scrapbook embellishment and improvement of writing articles.

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