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How to fix Phillips rear projection TV.? A yellow border around the screen?

Phillips 51 "rear projection TV. Bought 2005/06...Works all great but is yellow around the edge of the screen, like the common border areas with more thicker than the others. Is it a bulb problem or monitor problem? All options available to overcome this problem? Thanks for your help There are 3 bulbs in rear projection TV

you have the bad image of fluid in the blue tube (not bulbs of this TV). Expect $ 300 - $ 400 to fix. Probably not worth the price.

Borders can improve your flower garden

The edge of a garden is almost as important as the garden. It's like a painting. The image can be interesting and beautiful, but we need a framework to effectively improve their appearance.

There are many types different edges of the garden. Many people prefer to use something heavy and permanent as a small wall of bricks or stones set together with mortar. However, not everyone is physically capable of creating this structure.

Bricks release may be as effective. They can be placed in a single line, end to end, or stacked in a row, with a space between them. You can also set diagonally against each building others for support.

Another interesting idea is to decorate the board with short lengths of old tiles. Tile can often be purchased at very low prices recycling sites. Paste your selection of tiles along the board to the outside by using an adhesive. At each end of the table, turning an ankle with a pointed tip. This is used to push into the ground in support of your board of directors and hold them down.

Bush rocks are another easy idea to give your garden a neat appearance. Why they be too big unless you have a lot of muscle or assistance. You may be able to collect rocks from a farm friends or the bush, if it is legal in your area. Otherwise, providers tend garden spoiled for choice.

Another idea is to create an edge life. Choose a plant that will be suitable climate and conditions. The pretty pink of alpine phlox is an attractive border plants can be divided and planted again and again. Many other plants can be propagated in this way, reduce initial costs. Of course, your border will be a little longer to resolve than if you bought all the plants necessary for both.

Gazanias are another strong border plant that can be divided into a number of occasions. Blisters may seem a good option too, but remember they will not die and leave their borders for centuries disorder research. In addition, remain dormant for at least six months, so if something you Plant else it will damage the bulbs. Of course, you can dig them up and replace them with something else, but you prefer a border edge more stable to reducing the workload.

If you have a garden more comfrey is a plant to consider using a factory song. His habits thick growth of grass to prevent any interference in the garden, and leaves can shoot for an excellent mulch around roses or other plants. A beautiful, delicate flowers in season too. However, a small garden could be overwhelmed by more than a comfrey.

In a small garden annual Alice attractive sweet thoughts, violas or petunias that borders large. For something a little different, try an herb border. You can then go pick your plants whenever you want. Chives have a fresh green color that will make your garden sparkle while strawberries to attract children to the outside to make a healthy snack.

Some people prefer to simply bevel edge around your garden with the shovel. It is a good option if your lawn is the type of grass with runners, like kikuyu. The runners can be kept under control by cutting them off from time to time with the blade edge.

Whatever option you choose, you will improve your garden for a beautiful song

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