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/ 4 "band of gold or silver edge organza 3 2 not wired.?

I am looking for this tape to Dance leagues. 2 1 / 2 "to 3" will be good too. I prefer to buy in large quantities through a distributor not retail prices.

http://www.jkmribbon.com/glitz.html This is not organza, but it is simple. In fact, this rock a bit all over the place!

Christmas in Paris for the table theme holiday decor

Table Christmas holiday table decoration DIY, Do it yourself.

Miy project creation and photo: Madeleine M Langlois

My "Christmas in Paris" theme is based on a mixture composition of old and new. table my grandmother was always with porcelain and antique silver. Oil paintings, painted by my grandfather, adorned walls. Their holiday dà © cor fashion style with satin ribbons, shiny crystals, and a fine white Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, but deletion of a few. Put the cards, Christmas cookies and a piece custom coordinated whole. She used greenery and fresh flowers to decorate your home.

Decor miy Copyright  © 2006
For more visit projects www.maddylane decor-decor.com miy

Even thecolour palette I chose is nostalgic, a combination of amid turquoise green and blue accented with pastel colors with similar tones silver, angelic whites and chocolate brown. As a child, these combinations Unusual Christmas colors made a big impression on me. My table this year is a tribute to my grandmother, who is now 98 years old. One could say that the influences of style as the traditions passed down from generation to generation. With this specific concept in mind, the picture I chose a dining room cream colored, set by Tommy Bahama. This set was very close to the image, form and style to create the look he wanted. Although this set is intended for planting, the Bahamas, which is much more fashionable, it worked very well for my purpose.

Riders patterned silk square table are bright blocks of color rainbow emerald green, turquoise, deep blue waters rich. The central panel is a runner organza aqua pastel. The finalists are all adorned with satin borders luxury. The tablecloth is a pure primary colored skirt © delicious latte. It is bordered by an adjustment made with wool fiber multicolored pleasure.

To put in place for four, I chose the Platinum collection by Noritake Rochelle - fine white porcelain, decorated with exquisite texture crossings Silver Border. I moved pictures of the Eiffel Tower, in shades of blue, the center plates clear. Use a transparent plate allows the image light on the white porcelain.

Depending on the locale, silver tray sitting pretty flat with molded edges. The glasses are from the collection Vera Wang Grossgrain. Very small white dots and the thin dotted line boundaries of well-formed crystals. For glasses of water, turned vessels simply (Incorporated in a garage sale) of turquoise and green stripes with glass paintings.

I wanted an elegant centerpiece, but with a touch fun. I used a bake sale in a square glass and filled with assorted beads, green and silver balls, and put a candle in the center pillar. To decorate the cabin and I used buffet fresh green, Westmont provided by Flores, to make arrangements with elegance. eucalyptus branches, pine and willow branches, Queen Anne's lace and elegant with silver accents Ornitogalums angel hair pasta. The vases are accented with marble square pattern, a mixture of various shades of blue and green.

Jewelry crystal chandeliers with a strip of glass beads, which is repeated throughout the theme. The tea candle holders are a flounce of white feathers. Two frosted glass votive lamps are decorated with beads in the shapes of clear laps Eiffel. I renovated an old chandelier to coordinate with the adjustment. It was painted silver added small details such as glass beads social fuzzy white wool costume and silver, covered with beads, ribbons, luxury, jewelry and glass pendant (from the article that recycling). I created a mini art gallery that uses mostly photographs with a variety of artistic mediums such as painting the

Tower Eiffel rice lights lit small. photo montages made with panoramic images of Paris placed on canvases covered with a pattern of rice paper. Two tables have been covered with textured wallpaper, and lined with satin ribbons. My teenage son Spencer has contributed to the gallery with a mini show of graffiti in Paris cakes with oil on canvas.

For more details of finishing behind the chairs have been decorated with a blue satin ribbon, beads and a tassel of pine branch surrounded by a swirl of silver wire accent. I asked for photos of family self-hardening clay to create a tree advent calendar and have included this table in a white feather tree. A crown of feathers focal square one large round mirror.

The Christmas tree: A tree-shaped Eiffel Tower made of willow branches is gracefully decorated with a fluffy white feather boa. beads of glass and paper decorations are decorated with feathers, crystals, microspheres sequences.I and made a wreath using a simple spiral of silver wire, a few branches of pine, holly shapes made with silver foil and silver wire spell the word Christmas l. I did a mini Eiffel Tower door with the card instead of wire. False chocolates are made with clay.

The gifts were wrapped the only form of chocolates, with ruffles and portfolios using a variety of documents, photographs, fabrics and ribbons left by elements created for this topic. monograms over the old labels, and the skin of pleasure also incorporated in some beautiful envelopes. Handmade personalized greeting cards Thank you were similar to materials and beads, silver foil, fuzzy wool, the designs of film shrinkage and sequins. There is much more to describe a Travel tray memories of Paris, Candle boxes, hats, luxury image to launch, and more.

The decorations that I created for my table the issue, although that seems very elaborate, you can easily recreate a bit of craft supplies available in arts and crafts and fabric stores and numerous relics of various around the house. Make your holiday special, customize it!

About the Author

Bio: Madeleine Langlois; About the artist:
Madeleine has over 25 years design experience. She studied fashion merchandising and design. The fist part of her career was spent in the fashion industry designing ladies and children's wear to fashion accessories. Maddy then went on to design giftware products, Christmas decorations, packaging concepts as well as illustrating for Canadian companies. She has even published a bilingual children's book that she both wrote and illustrated. Maddy's designer talents, from fashion to decor and her love for crafts has directed her to produce and write “how-to” step-by-step décor articles. For the last five years, Madeleine has been creating innovative home decorative décor items for her weekly syndicated “make-it-yourself” Miy at home articles. Maddy work has is presently featured in Magazines and newspapers.

For more “Miy” articles and a more detailed artist bio, I invite you to visit my; www.maddylane.com


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