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I'm having a small gathering for my 17th Birthday...?

I'm having a couple girls over, about 10-15 girls and need some classy ideas. I don't need themes, just props. Like for example, I have ordering a cake with a Christian Louboutin shoe and some Sprinkles cupcakes. I just need some ideas that will make this small gathering pop.
yayyy i love ladydi!

Make use of white twinkle lights behind sheer gossamer fabric--hung in doorways? behind the food table? ...also setting the table up for display will make it pop>>>get elegant fabric (remnants are fine)..just tuck under the edges>>>because you want to first set out different heights of wide sturdy cans and small sturdy boxes on the table: then take the fabric and drape over the items, bunching and scrunching around them so they're "ruffled". Now place your food platters on those "pedestals" you created. Add things like flowers, greenery, pine cones, or do jewels, colorful ornaments, lots of candles in glass jars (even mason jars work with ribbons tied around them and using white candles).

On the table (not on a pedestal), add a mirror or two (craft store sells cheap..all sizes, shapes)...put appetizers or desserts on those for some glam (mirrors will reflect the candlelight). Can use vase filled with carnations cut to same height, pulled over edge...fill with cranberries and then water.

Using a coffeetable? Put a runner on that...again remnant is fine...just cut with pinking shears to pretty up the edges...if candle will be safe there, add that with bowls of candies, mints in wrappers, nuts with a small scooper so no hands dig in...cocktail napkins nearby.

Serve beverages with fancy glasses dipped in sugar rim (colored sugar if you want to go that far)..have a "bar" area set up (non alcoholic)...can add cut up drink garnishes like cherries, fruit slices. Consider doing "mocktails". Then just play some music, relax and enjoy everything.

Window treatments to improve your interior design in Tampa

There are many choices of window treatments in according to the interior of your home. You can use blinds, curtains, drapes, blinds or solar shades. You can get them from reliable sources, such as Hunter Douglas, Tampa.

It is also possible to change or improve your window treatments with very little effort to change the appearance of your home design.s ™ € s interior shutters, but its easy enough to get most of your curtains, drapes, blinds or solar shades. Here is some suggestions for the redesign of the processing window in Tampa.

If you know how to sew, these projects will be a breeze for you. Even for those who lack the skills to sew, but now there are queues can withstand even seamless textile washing machine. Almost any which may, therefore, do these tasks.


For less expensive makeover, you can add strips of ribbon or contrasting color coordination of your existing curtains. For curtains of friction, you can add vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes or grids using a single color or color combination. For printed curtains, choose a color on paper and ribbons for use of this color to frame the sides and bottom of each panel. You can choose to use or croquet another seat instead of tapes.

If you change something else to lose, you can purchase a sample of tissue from a complementary color and texture of your existing curtains. You can sew horizontal panels, creating blocks of solid color.

If your old curtains are partially damaged, but you love the fabric, you can cut them and turn them into coffee © curtains which cover only the lower half of the kitchen windows, curtains or the abbreviation of the top of the window.

You can also be entirely new curtains. Instead of making it in a solid color, choose shades of the interior and upholstery and drapery fabrics make these colors sewn horizontal panels.

If you want a little light to enter their rooms, choosing fabrics for your new sheers. If you place your rods curtain, just below the ceiling and hang your curtains on the ground, the effect can be very dramatic. They are also very suitable for French doors, in which case they must be bound with tape or ribbon to allow additional input and output easier.


The only difference between curtains and draperies is that they are always aligned. Any treatment that you can do to clean curtains can also apply curtains.


Existing shadows on plain fabrics can be decorated with designs and drawings in acrylic paint. A band of complementary or contrasting color can be glued to the bottom edge of the curtain accent.

You can also paste model rather curtain on his current role. Some possibilities are the remnants of wallpaper used gift wrapping paper or origami. You can use a drawing or make a combination of several designs in complementary colors and patterns. Make sure the paper is smoothly without wrinkles and bubbles. Use an adhesive Aerosol craft to obtain the best results.


The blinds are highly functional, but when you're tired them, they are very cheap to replace. Can Instead, they dress curtains or blinds at low cost with their half cafeteria © lower.

Try one of these tricks to quickly transform their window treatments and interior design. Better yet, the window treatments to coordinate with your furniture, upholstery and bedding. It would be like having a major renovation your home in Tampa.

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