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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Embellishment Kit products and information here meets your needs.

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What is the best way to learn creative scrapbooking? Is there a website or classes in the Philadelphia area?

I have seen some absolutely beautiful scrapbooks full of photographs. I have gone to the craft store and bought some scrap booking kits. I am wondering what are the die-cuts for and how to use them? What are essential items to purchase to be successful in scrap booking?

I have the basics such as books, paper and embellishments.

Try finding a scrapbook store in your area. Most will have classes. They will demo products for you. going to a crop will let you see what others are doing and what products they use. It is a good way to socialize and meet other scrappers.

You do need a good paper trimmer, Fiskars is a good brand.

check out
www.sizzix.com for die cuts, and ideas for them.

Reborn Dolls and Kits for Collectors

Definitely a new hobby of creating reborn dolls is not for just any crafter or collector. But reborn dolls are making the scene throughout the earth. Although the craft of crafting dolls has been around for many generations, creating OoAK reborn dolls has evolved to highly tuned proportions over the past nine generations.
Artists creating dolls have studiously refined painting techniques to create more realism. They don't stop at the beauty on the outside either, by including technical advancement elements such as a heartbeat simulator, these creations are truly life-like.
To restate, reborn dolls aren't for everyone. To the uninitiated this is a  strange obsession, but to the collectors who appreciate these creations, the act of  making and owning these works of art provide an unique pleasure.
Although not everyone will love reborning, many can get started in the  technique with a cheap purchase of a reborn doll kit. From the most basic and tiniest premature reborn doll kits to the napping toddler, you can add the enhancements as your needs develop. As touched upon earlier this could be a heartbeat simulator or a battery powered breathing add-on. Imagine a visitor's surprise when they see a sleeping, breathing baby in a crib that has a real heartbeat{!}
Before we dive into a discussion on creating these dolls (from kits or scratch), let's talk a little more about the finished product. The term reborn doll refers to a factory made baby that has been customized. The process of  customization is to repaint and enhance the baby so that it resembles a human. As such, creating is called reborning.
Every doll is as personable as the artist who created it. Each has elements of beauty  and artistry just like human babies. They come in every shape, length, and color imaginable today. You can purchase kits or create Caucasian, African American, Asian and East Indian dolls from a variety of shops - online or off.
Currently selling or vintage dolls used for reborning have been stripped of their factory finishing touches before being made over into a lifelike baby. If you visit  http://www.angelsupply.com/reborn-dolls you will find hundreds of finished  reborns to get an idea of this specialty craft.
Some of these are so realistic they make passersby do a double take. In fact it was told that in Australia last year, police officers broke in through a car window parked on the road to assist an unconscious baby from a locked vehicle. The baby retrieved was a reborn doll. The same happened in America in 2009.
Before you start thinking that the police in either country weren't too aware you'll have to see some of these creations. From their skin tone to their micro- rooted hair (done with special tools and techniques), a perfectly proportioned and weighted body, these babies not only look and feel real they also breathe.
From a true work of art to a starter's kit, reborning baby dolls could be a  lucrative hobby for many home crafters. In fact there are now many famous artists  in this industry who sell their creations for thousands of dollars. However, should you choose to just keep this as a hobby you'll want to enter slowly into the hobby and investigate the many hand tools, make up paint and embelishments available on the marketplace.
Those who buy Ooak, handmade reborn dolls are not only collectors. The market reports that these dolls are owned singly by women who yearn for a child of their own, or men and women who have lost a child and need a small helper to get through the worst of days. These babies' chests rise and fall with every breath and when held closely emit a subtle heartbeat.
What other embellishments are available to make these dolls seem more true to life?  Consider a reborn with a heating pack to maintain an internal temperature of  98.6F. Or a preemie including an incubator and an oxygen nasal tube. Popular smells are also available in sweet milk and baby powder type.

About the Author

Katrina (aka Katy Doll) Stephens is a long time crafting enthusiast who enjoys making one of a kind Reborn Dolls. She shares her experiences with doll creation and collection atwww.AngelSupply.com


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