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Is it possible to use fusible web to iron a fleece applique onto cotton knit fabric?

I think my question sums it up, but basically I have some fleece that has a gingerbread pattern on it. I want to cut out a gingerbread cookie and attach it to a cotton knit sweater. I have fusible web and want to know if it will work. I also plan to embroider the edges for extra strength.

Yes, but as the underlying knit is stretched, the bond between the two fabrics will break. Better to sew it on and forget the fusible (which will just make it stiff). If you're worried about the applique shifting when you are working on sewing around it, you can glue the applique on with something like Elmer's School Glue -- let it dry, then sew, then wash the sweater to get rid of the glue.

A One Of A Kind Room For A One Of A Kind Boy

When parents learn that a new baby is on the way, they generally become impatient to begin planning and shopping for his nursery. Some are happy enough to spend hours or even weeks browsing through the seemingly infinite number of usual bedding options available online, after having picked one or two motifs or styles to research. Others, however, see this experience as an opportunity to flex their creative muscles by coming up with a space that will be entirely unique.

These are usually the same people who have searched for one-of-a-kind items for the rest of their home, and they see no reason why they shouldn't do that for their son's bedroom as well. Unique baby bedding alternatives are limited only by one's imagination, although the first alternative we propose may be the easiest in terms of both time and effort.

You can go to one of the websites which invite would-be decorators to create their own bedding ensembles by choosing from among textiles, color combination, and monogram fonts to come up with the ingredients for a custom-made collection of linens. They will even allow parents who don't wish to know baby's gender in advance to design two different collections (one for a male, one for a female) and will ship the right one asap when they get the go-ahead.

Still, there are some mothers and fathers who want to be more hands-on when it comes to this particular project. They are crafts-oriented, and they really don't want anyone else to do the work that will make these items truly unique and truly special. They want to personalize baby's things themselves, and they can do so in all sorts of ways once they have started by choosing a complete package of baby boy bedding.

They can embroider solid sheets and valences by hand with any design they wish or they can buy a pack of transfers to iron-on. They can stitch appliques anywhere they like, stitch outlines around the existing graphics on printed sheets and dust ruffles, or even tie-dye any of the light-colored, machine-washable cotton items.

Of course, parents must always balance their decorating concerns with their overriding concern for their child's safety when selecting any kind of crib bedding. This is one reason why packaged ensembles are especially desirable, since the great majority of them are made with baby's safety in mind and have standard proportions, proper density, and fabrics with no harmful chemicals. So go ahead and do your own thing if you're the creative type; it's likely that your son will want to save these precious items and use them again - in your grandchild's nursery!

To all you parents out there: it should not be torture choosing baby bedding! Once you bring your smiling new baby home your life will change, no matter what you do with your nursery decor. The goal of a crib set is to keep the newborn safe and warm. Choose accordingly and move on. A baby will take up much of your energy, so relax while you're still pregnant.

The baby has finally arrived and now no one can find the baby bedding, thus the harried daddy grabs the first set he finds and tosses the boxes containing baby shower gifts.

Everyone bought something for the baby's bed at the baby shower. There are three sheet sets from which to choose and a stack of comforters that nearly reaches the ceiling. The problem emerges, and parents are upset when they decide which baby bedding to use.

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Fenella McPherson is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of crib bedding and baby boy bedding.


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