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What kind of cloth is being used in this dress?

i know it says tulle but someone told me that organza is used in this one. Which is better for a prom dress? and what is their difference?
sorry forgot the picture

Tulle is a fine mesh, wedding veils are usually made of it. Organza is is softer and doesn't have as much body. They are both sheer. A lot of organzas are kind of shiny. Either would be good for a prom dress.

The top layer of this skirt is tulle

Top layer of this skirt is organza. http://www.etsy.com/listing/67977319/embroidered-silk-organza-gown-pageant

Goofy dresses, just the first I found!

lol, okay, saw it. It's definitely tulle.

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A chance kiss!

A what? A chance kiss! Put a lottery scratch marks and a Hershey kiss wrapped in tulle for each guest. Your guests will never expect of this delicious chocolate wedding favors, because it is quite unique. Think of the joy that will, if you are a winner!

Chocolate heart lollipops

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Gummi Bears

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Hugs and kisses Favors

This very low cost wedding favor chocolate, you can simply express their feelings and everyone got to say "awww". Place Hershey hugs and kisses in tulle or netting, tied with a ribbon and an embroidered note that says "hugs and kisses from Mr. & Mrs. (name)."

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