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how to machine embroidery an applique?

i have a new embroidery machine, and i would like to make some applique patches. does anyone know how to do that?
i would appreciate any help i can get,, thank you

These links should be a good start..

Good luck


Fashion Embellishments at the Bratz Games

As you see the models at the television doing the catwalk at the runway while dressed in fascinating clothes, you might notice that the clothes that they are wearing are finely decorated to make it intricate and interesting. These features can also be seen at the magazine or even at the Bratz games that you play often. This are called embellishments. An embellishment is an item that you can use to make a design or rather make the design more interesting.

There are different embellishments that you can use to design a dress or make it more distinct. Some of these are the appliqué, laces, beads, buttons, zippers and sequins.

Appliqué. If you search this world at the Google, you may be faced with different definitions but in couture or in tailoring, this refers to a toe of needlework to make a piece that can be used to patch a design at the dress.

Laces. Laced dress at the Bratz games are one of the fashion favourites as they can reflect the feminine side of you with its intricate design, Laces can be applied at the hemline or at the other parts of the dress as decoration. This is a thin type of fabric patterned with open holes. The material of laces can vary from cotton to satin and silk. Oftentimes, this is also decorated with embroideries to make it more intricate and make the dress delicate looking.

Beads. One of the most commonly used embellishments on a dress is beads. Beads are small objects used to decorate a garment by piercing for threading or sewing. The material used for beads varies depending on how the designer would want to create the effect. Commonly used beads are that of the glass, plastic and stones while some experiment on natural elements like small shells but with the call for a more environment friendly materials, faux natural beads has been developed.

Buttons. The buttons is more recognized due to its functional used. It is only later that it has been catered in fashion designing. The function of buttons is to close open areas of the clothes that with the same functionality of the zipper.

Sequins. Do you wonder how can a dress produce the effect of sparkling when shed with a light? The sequins are the material used to create this effect. Sequins are small objects that reflect light when used and is best use to create a shining LBD. Any type of dress would look glam and fabulous when it has been designed with sequins.

It is not only these couture materials that can serve as embellishment for the outfit, shining or glittering accessories, intricately made can also serve as embellishment as it adds up to the highlight of the outfit. Find fashionable dresses with these embellishments at the Bratz games.

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