Embroidery Backing Stabilizer

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Has anyone heard of www.ctsusa.com?

I found this site to wholesale discussions, etc ... I will use this site to my embroidery projects. My question is, has anyone ever done and if so, how would you rate the quality of prodcuts? I want to order due to high prices, but I'm skeptical due to its high price. I hope you understand my delima. This is the web site. These www.ctsusa.com is what I'm looking .... All http://www.ctsusa.com/_e/Pre_Cuts/product/BACKING-2020TEAR-WASHAWAYCUT/Embroidery_Backing_Stabilizer_2020_Tear_Wash_Away_100_8x8_Pre_cuts.htm http://www.ctsusa.com/_e/Thread_Sets/product/EMB-SET1SET4/100_Different_Colors_Embroidery_Thread_Set.htm help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I bought several sometimes, especially embroidery needles. http://www.ctsusa.com/_e/Household_Machine_Needles/product/ORGAN-15x1/15x1_HAx1_Organ_Needles_Sharp_Point_100pcs.htm Great service, sending the same day for me and their prices can not be beat. CTS Embroidery child are stronger than other threads that treaty. Works fine on my Brother 270D embroidery machine. I hope help.

Embroidery has been a popular form of business enterprise and the pursuit of leisure that allows us to tailor and customize our clothes and objects to satisfy our taste, fashion and inclination. It is the art or craft of creation or design theme in a piece of fabric or other similar materials with ornamental embroidery. This is already done by either using a manual sewing machine or embroidery machine specially designed.

Modern, computerized machines are more complex and embroidery. With its ease and cost, use of manual machines is down good lap. A handset can be less than 30 inches wide, 180-pound weight. Some operate quietly and not disturb the neighbors or conversation sleep.

The wire used is polyester or rayon. It weighs about 40wt. As with any sewing machine, embroidery machine has a reel and a coil placed in the hook to form the stitches. Other nonwovens, such as support and stabilization, are added to provide support and stability during the sewing material, leading to more enhanced. Embroidery machines also make different points, such as filling, running, points satin and jute.

With these high-tech machines, you can choose your own and add the letters or dates of an event. Once the design is fed into the machine, you can adjust its size to fit into the clothes. A computer then transfer the design to the sewing machine.

If you're new to embroidery, you can take classes where you learn the hula good tapas, placement techniques, choose the appropriate needle for the material, the good and the thread of the machine operation and software control panel and other related tasks. You also learn that the type of fabric and thread, the quantity, quality of design and size are factors that affect the cost and time of embroidery work.

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