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Brother-350 problems with embroidery thread. Please HELP!?

my wife just got his SE-350 sewing machine again and tried to point a the top track in the menu. using a 40 weight polyester embroidery thread on top and white embroidery bobbin thread winding machine provided. tried to make a name in a panty in black for the color but left with the bobbin thread White design. the full name not just a game. He used a little black to the top that can not even see unless you look in the rear. please help. He's dying to use it. Thanks we tried a new needle. is not the use of strips or adhesive. Maybe she thinks the problem is related to stress. ideas? Thanks

A body is generally composed of a cotton fabric that stretches. First, must use a light interface (grilled on the type in the region you want to name. This will prevent the fabric from stretching and to facilitate and embroidery. You must then Use a stabilizer on the back too. As a fragile ONSI, try a medium weight stabilizer. You can also try to use more than one layer a stabilizer. I can use half of tears in most things, but you can also Use iron or a portion of the water soluble. Be sure to rinse really stabilizer or embroidery will be steep. Hope this helps.

Euro Pro Sewing Machine ~ 7500XH a great gift for all occasions!

Maybe you're one of millions of people having fun with your hobby sewing save time and money and promote a feeling of deep satisfaction at the end of a project. Or maybe you do not cut into a piece of fabric for years, but I would like to make your own clothes. If so, you might be surprised at the charge function the current generation of sewing machines has become.

The sewing machine is best for you depends on your skill level and budget. Before buying a sewing machine, understand your needs and abilities. Consider how you can use the machine when your skills improve. Normally people keep a sewing machine at least 10 years.

Even the most basic machine must be able to manage a variety of tissues, stretch or fold of tissue or the production of suture son, mad.

When you sew, careful to use the right needle. A second or the wrong type, you can bend or damage the fabric and / or machine. Change needles after every project or change in type fabric. And at least every two years to take his machine Sewing facility.

Eyelet functions in a single step, automatic or four steps. Automatic functions can make buttonholes perfect put a button in the buttonhole foot and the machine programming. buttonholers a step, you can help determine the size by placing a button on the foot and depend on the sewer line in turn to get results. Four-step buttons that require the manipulation of a line, and steps loop is completed with different parameters.

Machines equipped with twin needles (two needles in a tree) while attaching two lines. They are used sewing machines in the upscale and sergers and embroidery. Useful for sewing, no capacity for 3-5 needles on certain machines.

Generic drugs are not a preferred brand of sewing machine parts. This applies to the coils and needles. The use of manufacturers of parts and prevent updates improvised achieve quality assurance. light the need for needle right tools.

For those seeking a first class artist with an excellent reliability assessments, target = "_blank" 7500XH Euro-Pro> Craft N'Sew is an excellent option.

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