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Need some ideas or tips on refurbishing iPod.?

So my girlfriends birthday is in a couple weeks and she doesn't have an iPod. So I went by a pawn shop and got her a iPod for 30$ I'm pretty young and don't have a job so this is the best I can do lol. So the pawn shop covered up the engraving with a sticker 🙁 so I gotta cover it up or maybe buff it out. Another problem is the black finish on it. It has lost it's sheen. So what I'm asking is if there's anything like a sort of epoxy I could brush on the device to bring that nice clear coat back to the fininsh. Thank you 🙂

take it to a shop and ask them to refurbish it professionally, they will make it look brand new

Best Blind Skateboards - High Quality Products

It is really wonderful to see teens and children enjoying the sport of skateboarding on the streets, parks and ramps. With the growing competition, all manufacturers have aimed at manufacturing some of the best skateboards. One such example is the best Blind skateboards.

The best Blind skateboards are unique and different from the rest. The company was started by Mark Gonzales in 1989 under Steve Rocco's World Industries Empire. The name was actually dedicated to the company Vision Skateboards, who were initially sponsoring Mark. Presently the company is under Dwindle Distributions. Though the ownership has shifted, but the main motive and the aim of the company to manufacture some of the best skateboards has not changed. In the market, the products and the accessories manufactured by the company have got a good hold. Blind decks, wheels, apparels and accessories have all contributed in making it the best. Blind skateboards thus give you a complete skateboarding experience. The joint efforts of Ferda Durak, James Craig, Jake Brown, Brett Wetmore, Filipe Ortiz, Krish Markovich and others have taken the company to this new horizon.

The best Blind skateboards have specially made decks that make it unique. Decks are the most important peripherals of the skateboards and have an important role to play in the sport. The technology used for the manufacturing of the decks is different from others. Undoubtedly the decks are of high quality. The 8mm plywood, slightly less at 7 mm plywood is used to manufacture decks. These have vertically laminated core. Another feature that contributes to the best Blind skateboards is that the inside of the decks are made of Texalium (a perfect combination of aluminum and epoxy glass). This gives an appropriate shape, weight and look to the decks. Some of the best Blind skateboards have really gritty and vibrant graphics which add on to their popularity with the younger generation. To add to its appeal, you can personalize the decks with stickers, logos and decals and get appropriately matching wheels.

Skateboarding is really a very interesting sports activity and if you have a right kind of skateboard your enjoyment will definitely be more. If you are using best Blind skateboards, you can feel a difference and understand the advantages of using high quality skateboards. They are best not only because of their quality, but also for their prices. The tags attached to the skateboards are pocket friendly and reasonable. It would rather not be an exaggeration to say the best Blind skateboards rock the industry.

When you are skating on a quality product, you also can be sure of your safety and this imbibes self confidence in you. The best Blind skateboards can be used for gliding smoothly on the roads, or parks and even performing some best, exclusive, innovative and exceptional tricks and aerial stunts. The combination of protective gears, like helmets, knee guards, wrist pads and others with good quality Blind skateboards can give you a perfect and fun-filled skateboarding experience.

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