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Can I print the eBay shipping label directly on the package?

Can I just put the plastic envelope in the printer and print the postage label on it, instead of buying shipping label stickers? I recently got a package from eForcity that had the label printed right on the package, but it also had a small white label on it.

Also the envelope is gray, is it essential that the shipping labels be printed on white for them to scan the barcode?

many thanks

I think it will work. Call the post office or shipper, just to be sure.

Creating Unique And Outstanding Stickers

Generally printing is a simple process but sometimes it can be complicated. However, online sticker printing companies with the help of today’s technology contributed greatly in provision of efficient and affordable sticker printing services to customers. Clients may contact to printer’s office personally or may submit their designs to an online printing company. Getting online sticker printing services make it simple and trouble-free to accomplish your sticker printing projects.

Sticker printing is basically a complete project which requires various process or completion. Printing is one of the parts of this process. New concepts and innovative ideas are basics of sticker printing. For the translation of your ideas into visually appealing stickers, different designs and techniques are also required.

Following are some of the most significant tips for entirety of your sticker printing task. These simple printing ideas help you in enhancing your sticker’s design and execution.

1. Font Style limitation:

Advertisement through stickers is one of the best and easier ways if you make reading of stickers’ simple for the viewers. Font style plays an important role in this regard. Image of the text that goes with sticker is also an essential aspect in order to call your clients’ attention. Try to limit the text of your sticker design at one or two fonts. This design may also be utilized to other printing projects. Numerous and different font styles give your sticker a messy look. This does not encourage readership because sticker looks to busy.

2. Shape your own stickers:

Try to shape your sticker different from the most familiar ones like square and rectangle stickers. Die cut is the best thing to do to your stickers so they can stand out more than commonly used stickers.

3. Know everything about your sticker choices:

In order to avoid risks of any kind that may halt your sticker printing, you must know everything that concerns your prints. In any type of printing project, you should know whatever is written in fine print. Read and understand disclosures and terms of services especially if it is your first sticker printing project.

4. Solid Colors:

For getting the attention of people toward your stickers, try to avoid the use of white background that seems like any ordinary text. As an alternative, use solid colors which make your stickers stand out the attention of your target audience. Bold, bright and solid colors on your stickers make them the most attention-getting than stickers with white background.

5. Printing in Style is printing with Quality:

Sticker printing with style is nothing without managing the quality of printing. Sticker printing expert helps you in combining your sticker design with quality printing. In high-standard quality printing, colorful prints may double the results you desired from your sticker printing.
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