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I need homework help please!?

Question # 1 - Linda is putting mats inches wide x around a picture that is 15 inches long and 3 cm wide. write an expression in factored form mats area QUESTION 2 - I need these two factors trinomials x ^ 2-3 4xy y ^ 2 ^ ^ 2 2-36 13 st

P1: 2 (15) + 2 (3) = 30 + 6 = 36 2x + 2y = 36, where X = 15 y = 3 P2: (x-3y) (xy) (S-9 T) (-4t) s best response would be appreciated

The policy failures of baby boomers, and challenges for the next generation

You know that your form of government is bad when you begin to compare with the fallen empires of the past. Unfortunately, such is the case in modern America.

The Government Accountability Office, the agency independent investigation of the (in) effectiveness of government programs, we recently warned that our platform, "burning" of public policy was unbearable so serious that the agency was forced to note the similarities "startling" between the current situation of our government and the fall of the Roman Empire.

In this panoramic view of the complete failure of government, political accountability must extend across generations. intransigent leaders of the Silent Generation have delayed social and political progress. Voter apathy of Generations X and Y has consolidated the political power of the irresponsible and incompetent. But given their power, influence and rhetoric, leaders of the generation of baby boomers have been the most disappointing of their contributions to our current mess.

"Baby Boomers have held the White House since 1993 and have since maintained a solid majority in the House of Representatives since 1998. In the U.S. Senate, which is a requirement raising the age, baby boomers still held nearly half of the votes since the beginning of the century, even winning a majority of one vote short distance from 2003 to 2007. A massive Thirty-seven of our fifty states currently have governors of baby boomers. One may wonder, given this power remain impressive over the last decade, What this generation to be politically legendary? Or in other words, what are these idealists 1960, has Now decades experience in real life, do to strengthen our democracy and lead us into the new millennium? (Answer: Not much.)

As barriers to progress in our nation have mounted, Baby Boomer politicians have largely sought to deflect responsibility and avoid difficult choices, and instead concentrate their efforts to discredit political opponents. As baby boomers have grown in influence, not only failed to solve problems, but in many ways, American democracy has left worse.

In addition to his many political failures Baby boomers have led to the U.S., as Andrew Sullivan has called "the debilitating family feud continues the baby-boom . Nowhere is this more evident differences in children as being partisan mud throwing passes for political commentary. The Conservative success as experts Ann Boomer Coulter and Sean Hannity, et al. pencil, a dizzying number of cobblestones value politicians accusing their opponents of treason, stupidity and hypocrisy, and their counterparts Left bestseller Boomer expert, Michael Moore, Al Franken, et al, respond in kind with the same virulence nauseating.

Boomers failures "are distributed evenly from right to left. But resulted in the booming trend liberal "against the original culture-1960s, its absorption overcautious in setting partisan politics is more ironic. The new generation fought for freedom of expression and the right to challenge the authority now applies strict political correctness aside their political dissent charges life in academia.

Light proverbial at the end of the proverbial tunnel

Perhaps the only hope for change lies in the younger generations - Generation X and my generation, Generation Y - that one day, inevitably, to seize power again.

In many course respects, based on my generation is a risky gamble. We are known especially for our political apathy and ignorance of the news. Or even care to vote, know that our representatives are, or really feel the need polticial any identity whatsoever.

But as we know, things can change. If there is something that baby boomers show is that the political activism of the youth does not translate into political leadership effective best years. Seriously - why not us?

In many ways, our generation is better prepared to help carry states together through the challenges of the 21st century. We have an experience of living with modern trends such as information technology and globalization, and therefore most are able to transcend fear, division and cultural xenophobia that many of our seniors are facing to new realities. Our managed business - our partners have founded some of the media's most innovative new companies in the world - we made understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, competence in the market and free trade. Raised on video games rap music, videos obscene and violent music that make our own judgments of personal morality, whether or not our parents think so. Our love of social networks allows us to appreciate both individual expression and the combination group. Our knowledge of advanced computer networks can even help us better understand how terrorist networks operate. We do not have a working memory of the Cold War, and therefore much less interested in the fight against the ideological divide affllicts baby boomers can not seem to escape this time.

Is Generation Y who are late, currently wallowing absorbed in their world, making these resources brilliant social work and really change anything? Hoping.

About the Author

The author of The American Evolution, Matt Harrison is the founder and executive director of The Prometheus Institute, Los Angeles, CA, a nonprofit public policy institute. He has authored more than 200 articles, many of which can be found on, has been a guest on several talk radio shows, and a guest blogger for CNN.    Harrison earned a BBA in political science from University of Miami and has completed requirements on his law degree and master of public policy degree from the University of Southern California.

The Prometheus Institute is a public policy organization dedicated to discovering independent policy solutions to reduce the burden of government on the people, and creatively marketing these ideas to the lay public of the United States, in order to create the political demand for positive change.


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