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help please my pet rat has a cut under his eye?

ok so i have a 4 month old MALE rat with his brother in a completely wire(except the plastic tub)cage and he has a cut under his eye,the cut is about 1/3 of his eyes length, he seems fine but is there like something that i need to do? if so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase tell me ive only had him for a month and his brother would be devestated if he died thanks ratlover=)

take em to the vet and get his eye looked at. he might need to get it amputated. if so he will be like a pirate! have fun, they are great to have experiments with.

Cost-Effective Die Cut Sticker Printing

Die cut printing is a great way to make matchless die cuts using latest images, graceful shapes, elegant colors, and unique samples. The significant thing about die cut printing is that you not only make special die cuts to exercise in craft ventures, but also can develop a simple icon venture by only clicking print. Die cut prints are commonly used in stacks of projects like, scrapbooks, homemade cards, paper dolls and puzzle game pieces.

In the modern time, lots of companies are getting advantage of die cut stickers printing, to promote their business products worldwide. It mainly includes: sports industries, shoes industries, educational institutions, NGOs, film industries, etc. In addition, die cut stickers are a great way to capture the imagination of kids all over the place.

We offer a wide range of custom size die cut sticker printing to our valued customers not only in the UK but also all over the world! Basically, we offer you all types of die cut stickers but we are specialized in 3" x 5", 3" x 4", 6" X 5", 10" X 3" and 5" x 5" die cut sticker printing.

We present our valued customers newest quality products, by using the latest tools and technologies in the form of Full Color CMYK/PMS printing process. In addition, our printing department offers you full color die cut sticker printing so that you will be able to get the best quality products in style. Moreover, we present our valued customers fade-resistant products, containing absolute glossy as well as matte finishing touch. When it comes to the prices matter, we offer discounted die cut sticker printing services to our valued customers worldwide!

The designing of die cut sticker printing is not as easy as you would have thought so. Therefore, our professional team of designers plays a very vital role to provide you the elegant and eye-catching die cut sticker printing designs! Besides providing you the stunning masterpiece of die cut stickers, our designers offer you free unlimited revisions so that you will be able to save a few dollars!

To get viable printing solution in this competitive era of marketing becomes absolutely important for almost all of the companies worldwide. Therefore, our 24/7 online customer support representative is dedicated to provide you the best solution regarding your printing products in a short span of time.

Taking advantage of low-priced shipment services in this recession time does count very much for just about any company. If you are thinking about highly priced shipment services, then don’t get worried at all, we bring you free shipment without charging any extra penny! In addition to this, our valued customers don’t have to pay value added tax (VAT) by any means! In a nutshell, we not only offer cheap die cut sticker printing to our valued customers but also offer them all sticker printing worldwide! Therefore, if you are interested enough to buy our printing products, do contact us, we present you the best online printing services!

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