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Is white eyelet still in for the fashion world?

I purchased a white eyelet skirt at a outlet store; but I couldnt find a matching top in my size. I need to know if eyelet is still in style and also can you put any top with this and it still look cute? Im 38, but I dont want to look like a mama.

Absolutly....im 25 and i just bought an eyelet skirt that is also white. Dont wear an eyelet shirt too tho...it will be overkill. Just a plain solid color tank or tee would look really cute with either ballet flats or filpflops.

Different Types Of Themes For Greeting Cards

Designing a greeting card for different types of occasions is easier and full of fun when we use a few guidelines. This article focuses on these key guidelines which are essential in the creation of a card.     
First a person should select a theme of preparing a card. These themes can be of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday and much more. You can also create cards for sending best wishes for seasons such as spring, winter, autumn or summer. Missing You, Get Well Soon, Thank You are other simple themes that can show a gesture of your gratitude and affection.
After selecting a theme, next step is to think of colors and patterns in your card. In this step, you can give an outlet to free your creative and innovative spirit. You can use paint colors, crayons, sketch pens or simple sketching with pencils. One can match the shades of the objects drawn on the front page of the card with the theme. For instance, on a colorful Valentine’s Day card you should use red color which matches with the occasion and symbolizes an emotion of love.
The selection of materials is another factor when you design a card. The selection of material for the card should be durable and high quality. The quality of the paper should be good. Embellishments such as ribbon, eyelets, some fiber or cotton make the card attractive. In order to design images, you also collect a variety of images such as stickers, dry herbs as decorations.  
After collecting all the materials and deciding the themes, you can start with the designing of the cards. Use the materials and create pictures or images keeping in mind the theme. Your embellishments should reflect your theme. You can use greeting card templates which are the guidelines for creating a card. These guidelines are the computer programs. Some such tools are advanced that they offer you a feature of customizing the cards. These tools and techniques can help you in creating cards on a variety of themes. There are numerous other designs and patterns available on the Internet for creating cards.  

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