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I'm trying to find a roll of something but I don't know what it's called or the brand... could you help?

I've seen it as a large roll of plastic-like film (maybe about 5ish feet long) and one side is iron-on while the other side is self-adhesive. I've seen someone use it to iron it on fabric, then cut the fabric into shapes, peel off the backing, and stick it to another piece of fabric like a sticker or appliques. ANY idea on what it could be, the name, or brand of it? by the way, it's clear, not white and it's not backing for embroidery. thanks for any help!!!

you can find it on Google.

Beginner Quilting - Learn the of Applique Quilt Making

This is the fun part of all quilt-making techniques. You can engrave the entire world on these quilts. Appliqué quilt are the quilts that represent certain time in memory.

These quilts can be easy as well as hard to make, hard because there is no certain pattern that you have to follow so those who are accustomed to copying certain patterns will find it hard to do while those who are creative and let imaginations guide their work will find this pattern fun to do.

Another great advantage of appliqué quilts is that they are inexpensive to make as material required is sourced from scrap like things, and the patterns are not defined or limited any mixture of patterns can result in a appliqué quilt.

Appliqué quilt making in its process teaches you all the other methods of quilt making as well. Be it stuffing batting in for creating 3-D effects , or yoyo quilts, embroidery designs or picture quilts all these methods can be learnt and perfected while learning the art of appliqué quilts. And in all this the fun part will always be there.

These quilts could be used by anyone, for a newborn baby or young kids or something you like to use to comfort your pets. Itching to learn this quilt type, well here is the method.

Normal Stitching Machine

* Sewing needles - Common size 12

* Iron

* Cutting Board

* Rotary ruler

* Spray starch

* Rotary Cutter

* Needles

* fabrics as per preference of color orscraps of fabrics.

* Pattern for appliqué quilt

* Quilt batting

* Pins- beaded head

* Fabric for lining or backpack

* Some decorative material and pictures

Learn The Art Of Applique Quilt Making :

1) Readying the fabric: You must prewash the material. This will ensure that color is not lost or material doesn't shrink later on. Let the material get dried up fully and then iron it firmly. The material should be sans any wrinkles.

2) Cutting of fabric: Choice of pattern could be customary or your own unique one. My idea at the first experience was a black color background and with a printed flower fabric that I cut to add to the black fabric.

So it won't be a bad if you would like to replicate my idea to make your appliqué quilt, girls especially would like it. If have some other pattern in mind then start with that pattern.

3) Build a Block: Take all the square you have and stitch them into a large square. If you have a guidebook or whatever ensure the instructions are followed as written. These steps indicated here is a general step-by-step procedure for all.

4) Piecing: Take all blocks and sew them till you have in hand the size of your quilt. Here in you can add a few decorative thing like old ornaments or fancy bookmarks that will enhance the beauty of the quilt.

5) Batting: Put your batting material over the piecing. The upper side of piecing should be one on one with the mat while the side stitched should run besides the batting. Then put selected lining material above it. Batting is available in different types and thinkness, select one that suits your fabric the best.

6) Quilting: Once done you have 3 different layers with you, stitch all these 3 layers with one another using a sewing machine. Like said before a lot can be done with pattern variations but sticking to a basic easy pattern is advisable for starters to begin with.

7) Binding: Binding is the last step where in all sides are stitched with material like piping.

Here you have your appliqué quilt ready for use.

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