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What to do with hungry hungry caterpillar fabric?

So I got this fabric with the "hungry hungry caterpillar" and that all panels the food they ate. if its fruits in a row in another of his other stuff (mostly took pictures of the pages of the book that is eaten and trapped in the lines of fabric)

What book do some kind of fabric to go with the story. When I heard about preschool kids loved any kind of visual I use to go with the stories. If you can not be used by itself, then make a donation to a daycare or preschool. I'm sure you would like the book.

Demand for flat glass in China to rise 7.9% per year until 2013

China Glaze

Measured in value terms, demand flat glass is expected to increase 11.3 percent annually, reaching 130 billion yuan. Sales of flat glass will benefit from public spending initiatives - As the construction of low cost housing, low rent and physical infrastructure - many of which were designed to counter the effects of global economic recession. In addition, ongoing industrialization, rising incomes, population growth and household income, the expansion of production of motor vehicles, trends in favor of LCD largest solar projects and extensions of selling fuel-cell flat glass in China through the forecast period. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=132239&rt=Flat-Glass-in-China.html )

Made of flat glass to enjoy strong growth
Two major trends are occurring in the flat glass industry in China, which will increase value of earnings. First, the float glass will continue to replace less expensive in many markets. Secondly, built crystal growing high value will be used instead of glass nonfabricated as consumers insist on improving the performance of building materials. demand for glass security (including tempered and laminated) is expected to increase 13.2 percent per year until 2013, the benefit of rising income levels and growth existing buildings. In addition, the strong growth in automobile production also stimulate sales of safety glass.

Insulating glass is expected to grow 11.8 per cent each year until 2013. Gains will focus on a healthy growth in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, schools and hospitals. A variety of other products made from flat glass will grow rapidly until 2013. the benefits of the product is driven by the growing new non-residential buildings (offices, banks, luxury hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, museums and theaters), the rapid increase of production LCD TV and other electronic displays, and increased production of solar cells.

Electronic the fastest growing market
The architectural market will remain dominant until 2013, when sales will approach 2.4 billion meters squares. Progress will be enhanced by increased levels of income, increasing urbanization and government efforts to improve conditions of life of people with low incomes and increasing the average living space per capita. In addition, the expansion of chain of upscale hotels in China will demand of flat glass in this market. Demand for flat glass in the car market to benefit from the rapid growth in production of motor vehicles and vehicle manufacturers to increase overall investment and local activity. The small market for electronic displays is expected to grow the fastest pace through 2013, driven by strong growth in electrical and electronics production, innovation new products that use glass and rising personal income.

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