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What do you recommend corset around his waist a little belly fat?

What tissue, for example, latex, leather, cotton, plastic, etc? I wanted one that is used in the movie Titanic Rosa, where I can find a way? Its that's because I need some kind of stomach tighten after my hernia removed by surgery, not that I'm fat, but I need the belt tightened for another habit of coming hernia or after surgery. Exercise, eg hernias Situpa me more!

latex corset) http://www.absolutecorsets.com/underbustcorsets.htm http://lingerie.lovetoknow.com/Corset_Health_Issues

Tips to get rid of puffy eyes

You must first recognize the symptoms of puffy eyes or swollen. Experience upper and lower eyelids swelling or inflammation usually in the morning. The inflammation can sometimes be accompanied by itching, redness, or both. It may not be able to open or close eyes completely.

Then we need to know what some of the causes Frequently for puffy eyes. If the body is very dehydrated start to store water which leads to puffy eyes. If you drink alcohol or salty foods before going to sleep can also cause this eyes are swollen. Alcohol reduces the antidiuretic hormone or ADH. However, levels are normalized and bags disappear almost simultaneously reduces your hangover. Lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes.

Then there are allergies also cause redness and itching and swelling. Some factors that contribute to your allergies may include pillows, tissue machine, facial creams, dust, pollen and certain foods. Aging can also cause inflammation of the eyes and the skin begins to lose elasticity. Before or during menstruation, hormone levels may fluctuate which may cause water retention around the eyelids and bags.

The liquid can be pushed into the tissue around the eyes, high blood pressure that causes inflammation. It eyelid dermatitis a skin disease affecting only the eyelids. It is usually caused by an allergic reaction to makeup or products for skin care you use. There are some eye diseases that can cause swelling including blepharitis, orbital cellulitis, chalazion, kidney infections and thyroid problems. Some medications such as lithium may cause the thyroid to lose production can lead to puffy eyes. Finally, heredity may play an important role in the swollen eyes.

There are several things you can do to help prevent puffy eyes happen. You must first stay hydrated. You're thirsty when you start to dehydrate. Your urine is almost clear when it is properly hydrated. Remember, some drugs and foods can change the color of your urine and others. You must also reduce their salt intake. Salt can be stored in liquid suspension together around their eyes. Reducing salt intake can also improve your overall health.

You should never go to bed wearing makeup eye. No matter what tired I always use a solvent and will continue until there are signs of makeup on the cotton ball. Use a cotton swab for your eye area as it is less irritating than a fabric. You can prevent from entering the makeup of the eyelids and cause irritation if you remove before sleeping.

Tainted eye makeup can also cause swollen eyes should be careful of the bacteria. Never use a makeup Eye or more months. At present, the bacteria can be grown in the makeup and the eyelids can cause swelling. There is also a good idea not to share eye products someone else.

Try to get enough regular sleep, quality, if possible. Get your head elevated during sleep to allow better circulation and prevent fluid buildup around your eyes. It is preferable Sleeping on your back so that gravity does not route fluid directly into the eyes.

If you have puffy eyes and many methods available to help you get rid of puffy eyes. However, some of these methods require time and patience to achieve results. Consider some natural remedies for puffy eyes.

Use a mask with cold water or gel for a few minutes the first time you wake up morning. Take a paper towel to wrap ice cubes and place them on eyelids for a few minutes to reduce swelling. Refrigerate and eye creams that help reduce puffy eyes, if necessary. You must press the cream on the eyelids with the ring which does not stimulate fluid drainage.

You have two teaspoons in the fridge at all times and remains on the eyelids for at least one minute or until warm in case of attack on the black eye. Take a bowl of cold milk and let soak cotton wool pads in it. Squeeze the Most of the liquid and place it in your eyes and repeat them to warm up for about fifteen minutes. This can not only reduce eye swollen but also illuminate the whites of your eyes.

You can also soak cotton balls in ice water and squeeze the water before applying the eyes for five to ten minutes. black tea bags or chamomile soaked in cold water placed on the eye for fifteen minutes, you will have the same effect. The tannic acid in tea helps constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. To facilitate drainage gently press the inner corner swollen eye at the outer corner.

slices of cucumber, potato or apple on the lid swollen for ten to fifteen minutes will also help. Potatoes also help reduce dark circles under the eyes, as they apply to the pectin, which may contribute to the fight against oxidation. Use a bath of sale for your eyes soak cotton balls or a saline solution of one teaspoon of salt in a liter of warm water. The placement of these blocks on eyes for a few minutes to help swollen eyes.

Over the counter diuretics can help reduce water retention, especially for those who have bloating before a period. However, diuretics can lower your blood pressure so you should have checked yours before trying this. hemorrhoid cream applied around the eyes may help swelling, but be very careful not to communicate with the eye. The ideal is to find a cream that has yeast and shark liver oil.

Swelling associated with allergies is a condition which may become permanent if not treated and eliminated. Damage can occur in the connective tissue in the eye, after several swelling, skin tightness and his release. So called blepharitis developed bags under his eyes, as oil has inflated. These bags can be treated with home remedies and sometimes swelling. minor surgery called blepharoplasty is necessary to allow the surgeon makes a small incision in the lower eyelid To remove excess skin and get rid of bags for good.

Not on the counter eye gels, but many wonder if they actually work. Some gels can ingredients such as chamomile or witch hazel which can reduce swelling. When used make0up in gels can help, because they work as a primer to make it easier to apply makeup. The gel also prevent your makeup shed which reduces the risk of eye irritation. Many eyes are gels based on water rather than oil-based so they can wet skin and hide rows instead of adding fat to the skin.

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