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artwork of course - Im confused!?

OK, so heres the question, complete a minimum of 12 'thumbnail' drawings. 7 cm by 7 cm Draw each plane (zoom-in) at the point of view of the wrinkled fabric or material and clothing - the information they seek, such as zippers, buttons and buttonholes, zippers, snaps, hooks, buckles, cuffs, seams, folds, pleats, collars and cuffs. By "covered" items have record of how conditioning, packaging, concealed, hidden, protected and displayed, decorated. What would you do this question? The main theme is to monitor or partly covered as Orange COVER OBJECTS SLIGHTLY repealed or peel the skin covers the body of this really strange COS IT project

I think it is very explicit in itself. It examines the details fashion, including how to react when the surfaces of objects. I could not find the exact spots that attract, but in this case is an example of images of chairs and chair parts: http://dwr.typepad.com/designnotes/images/cca_sketch.jpg And botanicals: http://www.labergedesign.com/Salmth.jpg Here is an article "The role of drawing in the design process": http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl = http://psdtutsarticles http://psdtuts.com/drawing/the-role-of-sketching- in-the-design-process / & h = 400 & w = 338 & sz = 40 & hl = en & start .s3.amazonaws.com/role_of_sketching/thumbnails1.jpg and imgrefurl = 14 & usg = __czJpJYVEpbvRU3eFBIlegJLoc44 = & tbnid = XQ6dufRXdzZC1M: & tbnh = 124 & tbnw = 105 & prev = / images% 3Fq% 26gbv% 3D2% 3Dthumbnail 2Bsketches%% 3D1% 26hl% 3Den% 26sa% 3DG% 26newwindow = this blog and an artist who illustrated the use of label and the concept very well draw: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http: / / img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/abreathlessone/Progress/highcostoflearningthumb1 . http://thewhiteleaf.livejournal.com/&h=426&w=500&sz=94&hl=en&start=100&usg=__iJLGf7n8q79m-wY3wNwNILT7oY8=&tbnid=rmnG87F-N6_vSM:&tbnh=111&tbnw=130&prev=/images jpg and imgrefurl =%%% 3Fq% 3D90% 26start% 26gbv% 3D2 3Dthumbnail 2Bsketches% 26ndsp% 3D18% 26hl% 3Den% 3D1% 26sa% 3DN% 26newwindow I would look around and find the objects that match this general description. I guess I find myself drawing many clothes, partly removed as gloves, socks, feet, back with opening and closed with buttons, zippers or zipper, the page of a book or magazine became an empty shell of candy. . . It may seem odd, but not so strange as some of the things you do when it really works! Trust me!

Italian men's suits, fabrics

Mena € ™ s Italian costume supplies sophisticated man look mature. The quality Supplies Search Italian clothing company, with dresses that are in style for years to come. When you need to look their best, a costume Italian navy or black suit will definitely show Italian style.

Other tissues Mena € ™ s Costume
Cotton Mena € ™ s Costume

Cotton is the popular choice ore € ™ s an example. If you live in a warm cotton wool as an alternative to good-looking. Mena € ™ s costumes cotton dress with a lycra or something that gives stretch can be adapted to hold itâ € ™ s shape and prevent color from fading fast.
Mena leaves € ™ s Costume

Flax is good for tropical regions. Linen wrinkles quickly, stains, and doesnâ € ™ t use it well. In general, it is not acceptable to apply to men.
Polyester - Wool Blend Mena € ™ s Costume

A good compromise of 100% polyester and wool is 100% poly-wool blend. Although not as beautiful as the 100% wool jacket is recommended for Dinner polyester fabric will not be because although the brightness. It is more durable clothing for men in 100% polyester.
Super 100 Wool Mena € ™ s Suit

Super 100 € ™ s wool fabric is considered high quality by Mena € ™ s an example. The main difference between Super 100 ™ € s wool and high standard is that Super 100 Series is softer, higher quality and perfectly adapted to anyones € ™ s personality. Super 100's Series contains 100 square inch son. Super Wool 100 Mena € ™ s Italian suit is considered proper dress quality for men.
Super 150 Wool Mena € ™ s Costume

Super 150 Super 120 wool fabric is smooth. Super 150 Mena € ™ s Italian suit is considered the best quality mens and most celebrities prefer this type of fabric of your dress uniform. Super Series 120 contains 150 square inch son.
Some of the terms used for ore € ™ suits and dresses


* Notch lapel: Notch lapel is triangular notch on the underside.
* Shawl neck is rounded shawl collar lapels.
* In high season, the flip: the flip side of the peak shape V pointing upwards.

Jewelry by Mena € ™ s Costume

* Twins: Twins are a set of 2 pieces that hold formal wrists. Always wear shirts.
* Asparagus: Asparagus is a set of 4 buttons parts used in place of a shirt button. Wear shirts.
* The button box: the button cover is much used instead of a bun. Used with a mandarin-style cross or wick.

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