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how to measure the tissue (ebay)?

I'm looking to buy fabric for use as a green screen. problem is that I'm not sure how far. I would ask someone else in my house hold, but his four hours someone could explain how this person is selling http://cgi.ebay.com/Fabric-Faille-Bengaline-Lime-Green-408HH-/270610909999?pt = US_Fabric & var = & hash web = item84b70d479b # ht_905wt_905 understand 1 yard is 48''but on the merits in detail, said his wide 50''de would if I bought a chair. Id get a piece of cloth and 4.2ft x 3.8ft 50''x46''ou 5yard 4.2ftx3.8ft if I bought tion 21ftx19ft circle the size Ad by 5 meters 4.2ftx19ft

A garden is 36 ". The fabric is in the good roll that is 50 inches wide. If you roll and cut a meter, the piece resulting fabric is 50 "x 36" or 4'2 "x meter. Two sites will be 50" x 72 ". 50" can not be changed. The other measure of possible. And make sure the color works as a green screen. It is much more yellow than the color of the usual green screen. I also try to check to make sure that the texture and brightness work. Look up and Bengaline fault. Usually described as "grooved, with a texture of fine lines, and may be a little more brilliant. Used to describe 4.2 4 "2" and are not the same thing at all. Item 2 of something is 1 / 5 of it. 2 inches is 1 / 6 of a foot. Inches are not expressed with decimals. 4.5 feet is 4 feet 6 inches, not 4 feet 5 inches.


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