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How I can make copies of the children of the quilt, while maintaining the softness of the fabric?

Hello everyone! I'm about to Professor start a project of the school auction. I would like to make a quilt where each child receives as a block transform their handprint of animals. I will use all Tsukineko inks goals for children of color in your environment. All you need a plan of attack for handprints. I do not want to "outline" hands using ink b / c you lose the feeling of hand printing. I Use fabric paint, but it appears that all tissues of the paint you use does not dry too rigid and the causes of the quilt fabric "loops." Maybe I need a recommendation for the brand? I would like a clear picture handprint (with lines and everything) while retaining the softness of the fabric. Any ideas? Oh course, I do well, but must be cost effective too. I want to be able to have a variety of colors without spending much money. Tsukineko inks were already at my disposal.

I use a homemade and is stamped ink or airbrush Jacquard Jacquard Light or Neopaque fabric paint, slightly diluted. Http: / / www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/4483727-AA.shtml?lnav=paints.html http://www.dharmatrading.com/html / eng/1847-AA.shtml? LNAV = paints.html I did with fingerprints and neopaques Light, gently brushing the meat on a plate of foam, then put his finger, she went to the fabric taut.

Terms of screen printing / jargin

This practical guide will help you quickly learn the basic conditions and materials necessary for screen printing.

1. WORK.
This may be an image, drawing, cartoon or words you want to put on your shirt. This is the start screen printing of your shirt. This can be done in different ways using a wide variety of software. Most is that art should be made as a vector. The professional major programs (and fans) is used Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

2. Separations or SEPS.
Once the art is created, each color must be printed on a transparent film called partitions. These will be used to record images of each color on the screen.

3. Screen.
It is a square of metal (usually aluminum) or a wooden frame with a screen mesh stretched over it. It is used to save and print your PES in the actual jersey.

4. MESH.
This is the material that is stretched over the framework of the silk screen itself (as in number 3 above). The mesh material, as its name suggests, has holes, which can vary in size. The holes allow the ink to flow through its fabric, in quantities vary depending on the design of the shirt. different screens have a number of various stitches. The higher the number, which allows more ink in.

5. Emulsion.
It is a substance that once put on the screen, and dried in a dark room that blocks the cell, preventing the ink flowing through its fabric. In areas where the hardening emulsion (when exposed to bright light), it locks the screen so that ink can not pass through. This is essential to ensure not just the image appears in the print press.

6. AOC screen.
It simply means placing the emulsion on the screen before starting to register their works of art for screen printing. View Point 5.

7. screen print.
It is the process of using a halogen lamp (bulb or high voltage) to burn the image your artwork for screen printing. In areas where the emulsion is flexible (for his portrayal of blocking light) and finally screen removed, the ink through the print production.

8. High voltage halogen bulb.
These lights are used the emulsion to dry permanently on the screen, so that ink can flow through the screen. It is used to save the image on the screen works of art, holes where work hardening of the emulsion art Locked and paragraph 7, the ink can flow easily through the creation of designer t-shirt.

9. Brush rubber.
It is a tool with a smooth rubber sheet, used one hand to pull the ink evenly across the net.

10. Plastisol.
Type of ink used for screen printing. The ink has unique properties, for example, that does not dry out even if you wait until it is cured to a source heat to 320 degrees.

11. Flash.
A device used to dry the ink to print in color on it, but not enough to fully heal. It is essential when printing colors on top of another.

A round piece of wood placed the shirt to be printed. There are several sizes to accommodate to different jobs.

This printing of the screen is a piece very important equipment that, once properly configured, up to 14 colors will be printed automatically. All you have to do is to put the shirts on pallets and removed.

A great dryer and a conveyor belt in the shirt to go through it and then the other end.

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