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Where I can find designer fabrics for sale?

I'm searching the web for the concrete patio cashmere, Italian wool suit, etc. Where I can find a large number and variety of color?

you can test your local fabric store or take a look at this site ... http://www.fodere-marik.com/english/fabrics.htm hope this helps:)

Italian wool suit for men

To prepare high quality

Mens Italian suits different types of fabrics are used.
Tailors and dressmakers for men to always use trying to prove what they see
offers an exclusive collection
range of clothing for men "href =" http://www.ahfashion.com/index.php?productID=520 "Target =" _blank ">
Classic suits using the finest fabrics and design.
There are several types of tissue Clothing Men

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Tweed
  • Flannel
  • Polyester
  • Bedding
  • Cashmere
  • Vicuña

Among all types of wool fabric is the most popular

Italian men's suits
. For fabric Mans costume wool gives more
natural appearance.
The types of wool are

  • Worsted
  • Super 100s wool
  • Super 120S Wool
  • Super 140S Wool
  • Super 150 wool

Men's worsted wool Italian suit
For Mans wool suit is fine cloth. is combed
term weight, medium, natural and generally safe to use for the entire season. Weight
Dress is either heavy or light depends on the plot. High Italian wool braided
The costumes are very popular for a reason, they do very well, and with a little
care that can last for years.
worsted fabrics is evaluated by the number that the Super 120,
Super 140 Super 150 and more. These figures refer account or
the fineness of thread used on the Web. The number of counts measured in microns,
The more wool is used per square inch of fabric. Advantage many
son of the finest wool yarn is used, the weavers are able to get more color
and complex patterns on the web.
To be considered a good, solid and attractive wool worsted
Suit fabrics, must be evaluated at least in the Top 80 and 90.

  • The Italian suits, such as wool twisted high
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    , Suit Mens Italian suits Super 140 Super 150 Italian men
    Italian costume and costumes are the son and combed wool twisted.
  • These costumes are made of Italian wool worsted was
    been twisted more often than usual tissue around 60-80 which is a thin
    lightweight tissue.
  • Super 120 worsted wool men of Italian suit
    ideal for summer, spring and autumn, but it is not recommended for winter.
  • In general, subjects more to say thumbs fresh
    more light and more quality the suit fabric.

Super 120 Wool Italian suit
Super 120 wool fabric is considered the finest fabrics

Italian suit. The main difference between Super 120
worsted and the standard is that Super 100 Series is softer, more
quality and perfectly suited to the personality of someone. Super new 100 Series
son contains 100 per square inch, while the Super 120 with 120 threads
Super 140 Wool Italian suit / Italian suit Wool Super 150
Super 140 and Super 150 wool fabric of wool are softer than
Super 120. Super 140 / 150 Super
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Mens Italian request is considered the quality suits you best for men
and personalities The most famous prefer this type of fabric for costumes
dress. Super Series 140S son contains 140 per square inch.
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