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In the purchase of the West] Africa [Textiles in the New Jersey area New York / or online?

I'm looking to make a wedding dress for sailing next year handcut lace and metallic gold brocade African prints-o-but I can not find places to study tissue. I live in northern New Jersey, but I am willing to travel to New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, anywhere between looking at fabric stores have a good selection of African fabrics. Subjects with or without sites are appriciated web, online outlets exclusive wholesale store well too. THANK YOU!

Try Store in an area of 3 blocks of Harlem called "Little Senegal" (also known as "Little Africa") in Harlem on 116th St. between 5th Ave. and 8th Avenue. There are lots of shops fabrics and other import / export. Also tell your sources. Watch the video below.

8 tips for creating a new topic rooms with garden art wall sheet

The gardens are great! Many of us have worked with so a garden, even a mini garden in our garden or courtyard. While gardening can be a difficult task, there is something exciting about the activity tillage practice. In addition, it is gratifying to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our work. If you want to capture the glory of the gardens, a theme room, then follow these tips:

1. Select a bed of light
The bed should not be light itself. Consider:

-Decorated Bed Brass
beds in white or bone color
-Heads with a floral design
Cast iron beds, wicker

2. Add flowers wall art walls
You add a variety of wall art or flowers or garden themes. pressed flowers and ferns are one idea. This extraordinary process can increase the life of flowers while allowing it to retain its beauty. You can also send images, such as botanical prints on the walls. Finally, consider beautiful botanical wall art, metal wall as art form. Various styles and sizes available in the art.

3. Choose a painted wood or light wood buffet, or chest of drawers
Use a lace tablecloth floral print or classic Battenburg (1900) on the dresser or sideboard.

4. Choose curtains that create an aspect bright and spacious
You have several styles to choose from, including carnations, floral-print service, curtains prospectus, and the top tab.

5. Select tables to support a theme garden
You can select skirt round tables covered with a fabric that complements your bedspread. Another option is a table with a glass top, as foreigners. Another option is a painted wooden table that looks like the weather.

6. Accessorize, customize!
Accessories always putting the finishing touches on a theme room. Similarly, you can use a wide range of accessories for a room with a garden theme. Your options include:

fresh flowers "
Lace doily

7. Select lamps with an essential
Consider wrought iron lamps and ceramic option. Of course, you can also select a lamp with a floral motif. Once again, the importance is that the lights give the appearance of light. After a hard day at school or office These lamps can create an aura of perfect read a book or magazine.

8. Use bedding that are light
You have many options including caterpillar delicate flowers, carnations, Vichy checks, lace, quilts and pastel colors. This litter can effectively complement the different types flowers and garden wall art, as art of the wall plate. Whatever the style of bed you choose, make sure you have a look light.

By putting a garden in your room is extremely difficult, the best thing is to create a theme garden for him. You can use various objects such as wall art wrought iron, to create a light and a relaxed atmosphere!

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