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need bassett hound fabric for quilt, pillow panel okay?

try to be gentile most basset hounds are pretty attached to their skin. so the material might not come without a fuss! lol no really try your local fabric shop and if you cant find it there then type in fabric basset hound pattern in your search bar

Making bags: How to Make Handbags or Purses


In order to making bags or to make handbag, you need to get together some materials. You can use thick duck cloth for the outside and standard quilting fabric for the inside. You will also need an iron on interfacing, some thread, something to make the handles, straight pins, a straight edge ruler, and scissors. To make handbag the first thing you need to do is cut out your pieces. You can choose any size you prefer when making bags or handbags. You need to cut your outer fabrics first and then iron on the interfacing. Next, cut your two inside pieces. Use either your ruler and a pencil and then cut it with scissors or you can use a rotary blade to make things move much quicker.

The second step in to make handbag is to cut out the handles next. You can use cotton wedding or you can always make your own out of the fabric of your choice. Set the front panel of the back to that it is facing your right side up. Next pin the handles onto the bag. The end of the handles will be flush to the top edge of the front panel. Make sure that the handles are not twisted.

When you make handbag or try making bags you will want to lay the lining fabric on the top of the front panel and the handles facing down. Pin everything together onto the top side. Take the front half of your handbag to the sewing machine and stitch it across the top. Make sure that you leave at least one fourth of an inch for seam allowance. You want to do the same thing to prepare the back panel. After each panel is complete pull out your pins and fold down the pieces so that they can be pressed together the two parts with your iron.

Pin the two right sides together. Make sure that you line them up as close as possible. Butt up the top of the bag so you don’t overload your sewing machine’s needle. Sew up both sides of the bag and the bottom of the outside of the bag. Make sure that you are still allowing one fourth extra material for the seam allowance.

As you make handbag, if you want your bag to have a square bottom then you’re going to need to cut the edges. Use your ruler to mark on the interfacing square, measure from the seam line instead of the fabric edge. Do this on both sides and cut out your squares with the scissors. Make sure that you use the same technique as on the last seam. Make sure that each seam is going the right way, and repeat the same technique on the other square.


The last things you need to do to make handbag or when making bags is to pull the lining out of the bag and pin the bottom together. Make sure that the edges are facing inside. Sew the small opening together and finish it off with a small knot that is slipped into the fabric. Sew around the edge of the handbag and finally press the bag with your iron to get out of all the wrinkles.

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