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What colors go well with rich pumpkin color accent wall?

I paint my walls a deep, rich color of pumpkin (it's Behr "crisis" sesame). I bought some chocolate brown signs for the windows tab. I also bought the bone color fabric for large pillows on my couch to go brown. Also I have some green plants ... I wonder what thoughts about textures and colors that go well? Thanks! I did not even think of adding a touch blue, which is a great idea!

all the colors of green would be good with pumpkin, because they are natural in this color. And certain types of blues and beige neutral colors and others. The best thing to do is go to any any store that sells paintings and take some chips leaves the screen, check the colors you love that you put the pumpkin color that and be on hand with you when shopping for any stage of this piece.

Discover the charm of country-style rooms

country-style rooms have become very popular these days, perhaps because of the informality, simplicity and a penchant for hand-made of natural materials. Although it may be elegant, the country must always be room to relax and rest with no more precise coordination of furniture and fabrics.

Since the emphasis is on comfort and character is easy to see that the royal seal Room countries are a clean and uncomplicated, which is perfectly suitable for rest and relaxation, with practices and upholstery have been submitted to often, but the rich color combinations.

If you are lucky to have a rustic room anyway, no more than provide. Instead of this architecture allows for the conversation and leave the furniture should complement rather than combat it. It is often better to choose a window bed and then combined with eclectic furnishings.

Caliente pine furniture with cream and white bedding often in the room a welcoming atmosphere and while a traditional brass bed is an important element of traditional country and can transform the look of your room. If you feel able to pay immediately a canopy, then we create a room that is not only spectacular, but it is also perfect for relaxing after a day long and difficult.

Try to choose bedside tables to match a coordinated look and layer your bed with duvet and pillows. Note that generously stuffed cushions, pillows and duvets duck down so that comfort is high on their list of priorities. A deep buttoned upholstered headboard creates a sensation immediate comfort in your room, while filling the foot of his bed creates a look that screams pure luxury.

Keep the walls plain, or go for wallpaper for reasons that will still please, even when lying in bed with a stomach flu! If you make a bold design, go to who identify a reason, if you choose to butterflies, birds or flowers. While you can mix flowers and downs - was careful not to exaggerate in a small room.

If you want a modern style room, rustic, choosing a bold floral round is played, but in a small space, keep small employers. When space is limited, has smooth walls and coordinate - Even if you disagree - other models places. For a room that needs to feel free and spacious, comes to light, neutral colors and will not play on the ground.

On the other hand if you want a search is a bit fancier, then choose a combination of models and colors - choose colors from a palette of pale colors and punchy gem. Pile on the model if the light is good in your room - and if it is a decent size. Note, however, the simple combination of colors, add of interest by varying patterns of size and styles.

You can bring up a larger space by choosing wallpapers reflective properties as they bounce around the light and make the space seem more luxurious. Probably the best approach to give life to a dark room, of course, is to use a large mirror, blinds and small furniture you will stretch the space.

Perhaps you feel that your room has no character and you want to update. By placing panels of wallpaper behind header to create what appears be a coordinating wall or wallpaper was simply the wall behind his bed in a document features. Not despair if you have a topic seemingly boring all white, is easy to upgrade you can easily create a country look just by changing the bed linen more remarkable.

When the furniture is fully equipped for all your environment, keep the finish very light - that way it will not dominate the space. furniture extent not mean modern, soft, you can always get a look country, if you choose the right model units - and in a small space or difficult operate, to help you maximize space.

If you want your bedroom have a much more sophisticated look glass furniture, chandeliers and mirrors, decorated with furniture is a must-buy. In addition to choosing bedding with a glow, give your room a luxurious feel - and you can add panels Wallpaper with a finish similar to exaggerate the effect.

Another point of view of luxury can be created by incorporating plants Brilliant dark wood furniture, wallpaper and detailed course luxury bedding. Also note that headboards give up all the pieces feel his own importance.

In a large room that you want to find rustic solid, you can easily go to pieces of wood furniture finished clear or dark can choose the furniture for the room looks much more modern. In addition, in a spacious living room furniture and less fine delicate is the best option will help your room feel much larger.

Some people think that a wood floor is an essential tool for those who love the country look. Large, stripped pine boards are ideal, but if your house does not already own, original artwork, a good construction quality wood can give an elegant finish. You can even use subtle paint effects, such as a stencil on the edges to add interest and almost all types of carpet will look and more comfortable to go barefoot.

Although the slab is not necessarily something you would expect from a rustic room, if it is heating, may be practical and comfortable, especially if you add extra layers of comfort with carpets. Alternatively, if you like the role of convenience, the wall carpets or near a wall Neutral colors will not detract from the authentic look, provided they are not too rich or hairy.

Natural light is a very important factor in a room, a dark room can cause a dark mood so do not take advantage of all windows to be dressed the likes of reasons floral or naive soft tissue. If you need privacy, or the view is far from perfect, white muslin curtains wing network you can simply half remain closed all day with blinds that can be lowered into the night. For a room with large windows, trying to improve your space with a stream bed and the window curtains to blinds added.

Artificial lighting is much more attractive and softer in form sconces and table lamps light, marked by simple tones, floral, striped or plain. Table Lamps Victorian style bronze floor and also assert the country looks bedroom.

One last word, do not forget to add charming details, such as ivory brushes hair, cut glass bottles, old perfume bottles, trinket boxes, an elegant watch, porcelain figurines, photo frames and money flowers. The flowers are really required in the fourth country that even a simple bouquet of wild flowers in a boudoir completely changes the feel of a room. They must always be visible somewhere in your room, whatever the season, simply because the flowers since time immemorial the country people have always maintained medicinal plants and where they put their heads.

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Karole Howard is passionate about interiors, fabrics and colours inspired by the countryside. She launched her well known online shop http://www.countrycream.co.uk in 2003 in order to help people who want to create the country look in their homes.


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