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What is inside cotton-type things in a blanket?

I'm making a quilt for the first time, self taught, I wonder what the material is inside the quilt. I have the fabric to the outside and everything else but can not understand what goes into it to save my life.

It's called "stick" can, but most fabric stores. It comes in cotton or synthetic, which will run until almost like a sleeping bag, and will in a plastic bag. The purchase in size as if to buy paper and can be purchased in different weights. Often just use an old blanket, as a quilt a great way to recycle / reuse and a blanket makes a weighting of Nice. I also have old table clothes and sheets in a patchwork quilt of more weight light when finished.

Fabrics - Know-how

Of all the fabrics available, the silk is considered the most expensive. Designs can reflect regional cultures, such as "Kanjivarams" Muga silk, south or east. Many other fabrics are cotton, crepe georgette, fake, art silk, viscose, Crush soft, satin, jacquard and Brasso types. In addition to cotton and silk all others are man-made fabrics.

Crepe is a type of weaving and knitting, a rough surface. The biggest advantage is that they are pancake and light weight. Crepe user gives a slimming effect. Crepe gives a slight feeling very mild or no ironing needed. Dress fabric is used primarily occasion wear like a light.

Georgette generally surface wrinkled drab. The biggest advantage is that georgette fabric is durable and requires little care. They are heavier than the gauze fabric. The fabric is a matte finish that gives an effect Slimming down and very good. Georgette mild or no ironing required. You can find nightwear ideal in this tissue.

Is false basically a fabric very little maintenance, where dry cleaning is not necessary for the decorated fabrics. Fabric Faux are good to use daily. The fabrics are strong and can be washed at home. False fabrics are wear-excellent work. Both are resistant to deformation and crushing.

Silk Art is basically a type of viscose fabric that is elegant and Shinny and has proved to be a good canvas. Art is the brightness silk and is soft to the touch. This is a dress Perfect Night.

Viscose is actually an inferior version of the silk, which is a shiny appearance. Not for everyday use. Viscose fabric can not be abrasions. When decorated with various embroidery, it is like an evening dress well.

Crush fabrics is essentially a soft blend of polyester. It is maintenance-free advice, where it is not necessary. It is a lightweight material that is be a good day wear.

Satin is basically a smooth, shiny material, and with Lycra stretch. Shinny is satin appearance and are available in all light and dark colors. Satin saris are very popular for bridal wear. It is resistant to stretching, reduction and butterflies night. This luxurious fabrics, with excellent depth and brightness draping qualities.

The fabric is actually a fresh tissue with a shinny look rich. No fabric for fall. In a metallic, fabric clothing is a perfect evening dress. These kits are inexpensive and need hugs well.

Brasso Fabrics are clothes in which drawings are made by burning the tissue layer. Brasso Fabrics are available in a range of beautiful colors, patterns and designs.

Named inventor jacquard fabric has several types of sub-types such as brocade, damask, quilted velvet, etc. These are fabric, printed fabric using multicolored son, and often with an aspect raised or padded.

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