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Is there an easy way to cut 1 "rolls of tissue from a rag rug?

This is my first making a rag rug I bought 3 meters of fabric and cut a very long 1 "strip, but it took forever and my hand started badly because of the repetitive cut! So far, I like my carpet except I tried cutting the only breaks the material, but has RIP may not make a big pile and cut will be painful as it really helps!

If you have very good tailor scissors strong support. And they are electric scissors. Do not bother with very cheap. You can also get rotary fabric cutters but Must Have a flat surface as green Cutting Mats sold in fabric stores. Can not be cut in many other things with a Rotary Cutter or loses one or the other surface or strawberry. It could be a good investment if you make a large rug. Watch your fingers and use the shield when finished. They are very sharp.

What people choose rag rugs?

In the early days of American history, the settlers lived in log cabins. These cabins were particularly useful. Could still find many cracks and more cracks where cold air from seeping into the house. To solve this case, women rag rugs and girls in family created. These carpets were rather simply made of rags that were diverse in their property.
With regard to the fabric used is different carpets were bright and warm. They also had the added advantage of being affordable whole tissue and tissue that was taken is not necessary for the development of these cloth pads. Today, we live longer in the log cabins of other elements that still need our house look beautiful and gives a feeling of love in our homes.
Thus you can always find rag rugs used. Many of these carpets are carpets RAG jurisdiction by companies to meet the growing demand for carpets that are practical and yet beautiful. There are still others who want carpet fabric in their home because these rugs echo the story of our time and demonstrate flexibility of human nature.
In addition, these reasons that many people rag rugs, because they are easy to clean and maintain. As there often too large washing machine can normally these rag rugs at home without needing Luxury carpet or rug cleaning. Other benefits to pay money for the rag rugs is that You Are able to have enough money for such coverage, many of them are not as fancy. You can use a rag rug making books or websites to guide you on your journey in the manufacture of carpets.

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