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Does anyone have the model of the flannel quilt where the seams of the seats are out?

fringes. I had bought the fabric and then lost ground. I would appreciate it if anyone had the dimensions of the quilt frame, so I know it sounds good in summer, but I'm in the stay-ing this week and I thought it would start this project.

It is a rag quilt, and here is a tutorial - Http: / / quilting.about.com/od/ragquiltpatterns/ss/rag_quilt_basic_2.htm

How to patch your quilt

The spots may be a trend, however, old-style quilt that will last long. To create patchwork fabric have. You simply cut pieces of fabric to form spots and design, tailoring number of simple lines. If you create the mosaic traditional fabrics, including Long lines, squares, rectangles, curves and shapes. You can leave the forms that the curve if you do not want to go through the steps to create a complex mosaic.

Artisans often used to create patches quilt with many parts, such as blankets resembling the art of Picasso, or base carpet. Once you have patches, it is necessary to form tissue blocks of the garment. Blocks in terms craftsman understand the reasons corn and beans, "" trails Turkey, Maple Leaf, "and so on. One of the most attractive cover is "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" blocks. What Either way, you will need to finish your quilt blocks.

To begin, you should select the chart. Choose a system 4-patch or hotfix 9 -. Systems patch block networks perform different simple lines and shapes in numbers. The 4-patch is one of the models commonly used in traditional quilting. The 9-patch also used, however, other styles are made in various geometric networks.

The 4-patch:

The square 4-4-patch included in a numerical grid. For example, you can imagine a box, inside draw a cross, and the number of 1-4 to 4-blocks of sentences. To continue with the scheme 4-patch which adds the squares, stripes, etc.

Idea general underlying the system of 4-patch that you can use a variety of patches Create a colorful mosaic, but you must lay the foundation for your first block.

Now, if you want to use the system of 9-patch is up nine places on the grid and make all or enter the parts. However, you must leave the structure 9-patch.

For example, if you were to take a piece of craft paper, instead graphic and drawing paper per inch, four seats, seats eight, then ten more, which would be based to begin its work quilt. To compensate for their designs without But we must add shapes your network.

Once the ship design on paper charts, you can create a block size. You will have to reduce stains, and create models even before starting your quilt.

To begin your quilt will examine the style again. Do you want 12, 14, 16, 18 or more blocks? If you new to quilting, you can start with the lower-inch block. However, you learn to make borders to complete the quilt.

Once you decide that you need to consider their plans. If you work in the Block 4-patch about 4 inches, then the patches will reduce 2 inches square. Plus the system squares, the patch you need more inches. For example, whether to create a 12-block should be twelve patches and cut into six inch squares.

On the other hand, if you use the 9-patch scheme, the choice of blocks of 12-inches and will cut patches 4-inch squares.

Now you can move to create their models. Models in terms craftsman are models which are cut from fabric or heavy equipment. You need models to create a quilt square easy, if not prepare for battle.

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