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Need help finding quilt fabric by Timeless Treasures, the Painted Forest. by Carol Doak.?

I usually have good luck finding fabrics that are no longer in the stores by checking eBay. There's one person selling a set of this line, pre-cut, but they may have more. Their site says you can e-mail them and ask for a specific fabric and they'll put it on eBay as a "buy it now" for you.

Other places carry yardage, but it depends on the specific fabric you want. There are a couple of links - be sure to check other fabric at that same place.

If these don't provide exactly what you want, try googling "Timeless Treasures" "Painted Forest" and the color of your fabric for more specific results. Be sure to use the quotation marks - that will tell the search engine only to bring back sites with that exactly phrase.

Good luck - I went through this same thing about a year ago - fortunately I found the fabric I needed.

Country Decorating Ideas – Add a Country Look to your Home Today

Country home decorating is a popular decorating style that has stood up to the test of time. Take pleasure in the simplicity and appeal of country home decorating no matter where you live--it is all about feeling relaxed and peaceful. Ideas for adding that look of country to your home include:

Vintage Fabrics – They are marvelous collectibles because of their creative, imaginative patterns. Also, the softness and pliability that comes with years of use provides that comfortable, relaxed look. Use vintage fabric scrapes for pillow covers, curtains, decorative table runners and doilies, quilt pieces, covering photo frames, drawstring gift bags, small purses, pot holders and oven mitts. Be sure and shop for fabrics that are in good condition and have minimum stains.

Dried Flowers and Potpourri – An easy way to add beauty to your country home decorating idea is to use dried flowers and potpourri. Flowers are easy to dry by hanging them in a bunch upside down in a dry, dark room that is well-ventilated. Then stand them up in plastic foam until they are used in an arrangement or in potpourri.

Antique Daybeds – Daybeds are described as any type of seating with the main purpose of daytime rest. They have been around for centuries. What a wonderful way to add country home décor to your home and at the same time add another sleeping area!

Paint By Numbers – Yes, the popular 1950’s paint by numbers is alive and well. Even though the craze seemed to fade away in the 1960’s, today it is coming back as collectors view paint by numbers as historic folk art. Look in flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and on the Internet for these country home décor treasures and give your home a truly timeless country look.

Integrating these country home decorating ideas into your home décor will not only provide enjoyment for you and your family as well as for your guests, they will also become great topics of conversation!

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