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E-mailed save the date, offer for email invitations - Is this ok?

For my wedding, I created a very detailed wedding website with a lot of information about the wedding and reception, a ton of local area information for out of town guests, pictures of my fiance and I, etc. We sent out an email to our guests with a link to the wedding website and have called it a "save the date" email. We also included in the email an option to receive the wedding invitation by email - that way our guests can choose if they would prefer an email invitation. We are also being eco-friendly in other ways - my dress (re-used, eco-friendly fabric), the decorations (potted plants), the favors (plantable paper bookmarks), etc. Do you think this is ok etiquette wise? I think it is because you have to "opt-in" to get an email invite, otherwise we will send a paper invite (eco-friendly paper, of course). I appreciate your thoughts....

I think it's a good idea because it fits in with your whole eco friendly theme. If you were just going to e-mail the invite to everyone, I would say no, but since they can choose if they want an e-vite, I think it's fine. It's like when your bank gives you the option to recieve statements online- it's something you sign up for only if you want- otherwise you will recieve the paper statement. I don't see any problem with this. No one will recieve the e-vite that didn't specifically request it. Good luck!

I don't think a lot of people read the question thouroughly. It's not like you're sending the e-vite to everyone! Just the people that wanted it!

Save Money on Your Wedding by Buying Wedding Favors

How in the world can we say that you would actually save money on your wedding by buying wedding favors?  It's actually rather simple - you save money overall if you use those favors as not just gifts to give away to your guests but as a way to round out your decorations or even take the place of certain decorations such as your centerpieces.

Here's how this works.  When your guests arrive at your reception you want them to be greeted with a beautiful layout and this includes the individual tables.  Most brides choose very expensive centerpieces for each table but your wedding favors can actually do double duty here.  When you purchase your favors, be sure to wrap them in festive wrapping paper or something that matches your reception's décor and then stack them in a nice arrangement at each table.  Remember that you don't want to just pile them up but arrange everything neatly.

You can also use your wedding favors as decoration at each table by putting them in the middle of the top plate if you're having a plated dinner, or put them at the place setting the same way you would the wine glasses.  If your tables are not going to be set when guests arrive such as for a buffet meal, arrange the wedding favors in front of each chair the way you would when setting a table.  By using your wedding favors this way you are making your table look very festive so you don't need to spend extra on your centerpieces.

Dressing up your wedding favors is important when using them this way.  For those in boxes you can definitely use that nice wrapping paper and make them even more special by tying them with long ribbon that you gently drape over the table.  You can use ribbon for wedding favors that you don't wrap such as for candles.  And to go the extra mile you can use something special for the ribbon such as strings of crystal beads, fabric trim, lace, or even tassels.  You can take your time to browse a sewing supply store, craft supply store, or even a scrapbooking supplier to find just the right material to make your favors really stand out.

Another way to use wedding favors to dress up your table is to sprinkle the tables with flowers petals or confetti and then set up your favors.  This way your table looks very festive but you're saving money on decorations and centerpieces; flower petals or confetti is almost always going to be more affordable than centerpieces!

Remember that your guests are very happy to be at your wedding and are happy for you, but they still needed to get dressed up, have purchased a gift, and are there for you and your big day.  Purchasing wedding favors is your way of thanking them for being there for you and helping to make your day even more special.  While everyone is concerned about their budget today, you want to reconsider any impulse to forego wedding favors altogether and instead get as much life out of them as you can by having them help to fill out your decorations and the look and feel of your venue.


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