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what kind of drinks should I keep in handy for Autumn/Fall and holiday Season for guests?

You know something thing that I can just offer that's perfect for the season. Something that says welcome, feel comfy and warm, enjoy the cool crisp or other wise cold weather with me! Anyone have any ideas if so please share with me....

Warm apple cider is the best!

You can even add some alcohol to it if that's how you party. I find a shot of peach schnapps in a mug of warm apple cider makes everyone comfy.

12 Fall Garden Clean Up Tips

Now that Summer is winding down and the kids go back to school, homeowners should now focus on preparing for the cold months ahead! Begin preparing for next spring by following these simple 12 tips to clean up and prepare for a lawn winter.

Fall Garden Clean Up List

1. Add leaves and grass clippings to your compost pile.

2. Dig and harvest all vegetables before frost. Place green tomatoes on shelves in a cool area so they can ripen slowly. Parsnips, turnips, and carrots may be left in the ground. Some gardeners say this improves their flavor.

3. Mulch strawberry beds, roses, tender perennials, and plants with peat moss or straw to help prevent winter damage.

4. Do an over seeding where lawns are sparse. Fall is nature’s seeding time so a little help now will help eliminate bare or thin spots later.

5. Apply wilt-proof sprays to tender, broad-leaved evergreens to help reduce the drying effects of winter winds, especially on newly-planted shrubs.

6. Stake any newly-planted trees to help them get through their first winter.

7. If bagworms or late insects attack, physically remove and destroy them. Check trees and shrubs for scales and other pests. If you find any, plan an early dormant oil spray before flowers or leaves appear on fruit trees.

8. Pull up annuals and prune perennials as a good cleanup practice.

9. Begin fertilizing plan for houseplants. As home heat goes on, it stimulates plant growth which means you will need to pay more attention to fertilizing and watering.

10. Do final mowing raking and make notes of lawn care projects for the spring.

11. If you have wet spring weather, plan to dig or till your vegetables garden in the fall so you can get an early start next spring.

12. Remove old fruiting canes of berry bushes. Prune grape and blueberries.

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